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I have been in real eatate advertising for over 3 years. I got my start in this field with a large Franchise printing and online company, now I have made a home NCI (Network Communications Inc) parent company of The Real Estate Book. My background since I was 18 has been Real Estate, having started out in the Title and Escrow Field working as a courier. My life in the Title and Escrow field continued for roughly 10 years gaining vast knowledge of Escrow Procedure and Title Policies along with Marketing and upper management responsibilities. I went on to pursue my licence to become a Real Estate Sales person in Northern California where I practiced full time for about three years.

The realities of life have brought me to this wonderful area of the Desert and Mountain Communities. I proudly represent The Real Estate Book for the Pasadena/Burbank, Santa Clarita Valley, South Bay (Hermosa Beach/Manhattan Beach/Torrance), East bay (Oakland/Richmond) markets.

Before advertising in any media, make sure you do your homework as most will tell you what you want to hear. Find out press run, magazine quanity, where it is distributed: is, in stores or just on the street. Distribution is key, because you have to be where the consumers are shopping and dining. Its always good to have a online presence of course as well as print medias, the two are like a perfect marriage one drives the other to be more visable and successful. Print media, meaning magazines, have been proven to drive consumers to websites....otherwise unless your paying a great deal of money to google or have the 'perfect" keywords your presence online might be diminshed. We are rated in the top ten real estate search engines in the Country. I encourage you to look at or grab a printed piece at your nearby grocery store, you can alway find our yellow boxes in any market or simply start your search at

 Remember its not the size of the publication that matters, its the leads it brings you.


Advertising, Title and Escrow, Real Estate Practice and Sales.

Areas of expertise are Real Estate Sales, Title and Escrow Marketing/Title research, Escrow Practice, Advertising, and Early Childhood Development.


The Real Estate ofr the Southern California region and other NCI territories throughout the West. We are the largest supplier of print and online media in the Country. Call me today