Janet Rowan (Bray Realty LLC)

506 W Main St

Monroe , WA 98272

I am an Managing Broker & have been licensed for 17 years.. I was involved in real estate since 1975 with a family owned venture.

Get to know Janet Rowan

I am a Managing Broker and have been involved in real estate since 1975. I have watched varying markets. I have been awarded numerous Quality Service Awards and Top Producer Awards.  I have many returning clients and referrals.


My interest in real estate began back in 1975 when my family was involved in buying HUD foreclosures and then we would restore these mostly run down homes. I loved seeing derelict properties turned into quality homes.  Later on in life I decided to become a licensed agent and eventually a broker. I love sharing my love of property, my ability to visualize potential in properties, and my investment knowledge.  I believe that educating buyers and sellers is critical and I work to increase their awareness of what real estate can really do for them. I view myself more as a "facilitator" rather than a sales person.  I want my clients to be truly educated and to be able to make decisions based on having a real understanding of what they are doing. I am a Top Listing and Top Selling agent. I have a strong real estate investment background and I am knowledgeable regarding income producing properties which includes commercial, multi-family and also single family rentals. I am accustomed to working through difficult transactions.  I have a very tenacious attitude. I also have strong lender relationships which are critical to success in real estate.  I was trained by an appraiser and am very skilled at pricing properties to sell. I enjoy attention to detail and transaction coordination. I take good care of myself and am a long-time yoga practitioner.

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