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Seasoned REALTOR® since 2005 - Experience Matters

Broker/Owner Houston New Home REALTORS®
Texas Buyer Realty LLC - Pearland/Manvel/Houston

Dedicated Buyer Representation

Accredited Buyer's Representative ABR®

NEW CONSTRUCTION BUYER’S AGENT - Yes, you need an experienced New Home REALTOR® when buying a new construction home. Using the wrong agent could cost you $1000s.
Certified New Home Specialist CNHS
Residential Construction Certified RCC
Certified New Home Co-Broker CNHCB

Buying a new home from a builder takes a lot of skill and experience. James ensures his new home buying clients get the best deal possible on a well-built new construction home. This is a FREE service to his home buying clients. James has proven to save his clients $1000 of dollars when buying a new construction home.

Some experienced new construction Realtors® can actually save their clients thousands of dollars, and help ensure the home is built right.
You want a competent agent that will:

Help you find the best Houston area new home community

Refer you to the best builders in town

Negotiate on your behalf

Help you choose the right options and upgrades

Be involved with the entire new construction process

Help ensure that your home is built right.

Coordinate the very important 3rd party inspections

When researching agents to represent you with your new home purchase, ask the agent these few questions…..

• How many new construction transactions have you completed?
• Where were the majority of your new home transactions?
• What home builders have you conducted business with?
• Which builders do you like / dislike and why?
• Do you have any new construction certifications?
• Do you work directly for a builder? (The answer better be NO)

FOR BUYERS – Representing your best interests without a conflict of interest.

Accredited Buyer's Representative ABR®

Over the years, James has spent a lot of time with home inspectors and has undergone numerous inspection training courses. James is Residential Construction Certified (RCC) and is a Certified New Home Specialist (CNHS).
James has learned how to “pre-inspect” homes by pointing out problems. He feels there is no reason to spend time on a house that has too many costly defects. His clients are pleasantly surprised and sometimes shocked to have a Realtor immediately point out problems to be concerned with.

“If there is a problem with a home that could cost my clients a lot of money, I immediately point it out so we can move on.”

James is an expert negotiator and can get the lowest price the sellers are willing to accept. He also negotiates any repairs found on the inspection report.

Relocation - (ARELLO certified)

James is also a relocation specialist and has undergone specific relocation training. (ARELLO certified) James also understands the need to help his clients "buy right" so that the new home will remain marketable and to have several backup plans in place so that there is no interruption in the relocation process. "Communication is the key to a successful relocation. I keep the entire "team" up to speed on the progress of locating and purchasing a home and carefully listen to the needs of my clients and their corporation."

James and his team make their number one priority protecting, serving, and educating their clients.

SELLING YOUR CURRENT HOME – Exposing your home to 1000s of buyers and selling your home for TOP dollar in the shortest amount of time.

We are team of internet marketing gurus. We use multiple online syndications where your home listing will appear. Literally 1000s of home buyers will see your home for sale. James and his team also use a Maximum Exposure Marketing Plan. Using this premium marketing package can expose your listing to as many as 50,000 potential home buyers.
Professional quality photos, Virtual tours, Video walkthrough, and staging ensure buyers are attracted to your listing.

“On your side…I will get you the highest price for your home and the most favorable terms. I am your personal Real Estate expert negotiator and I will fight for you.” 

ABOUT JAMES - James earned an Electronic Engineering Technology degree and had previously worked for technology companies since 1990. He implements his analytical and methodical skills to enhance the home buying or selling process for his clients. James also brings over 25 years in customer service and management skills to the negotiation table for his clients. James has attended many negotiation courses and combines his knowledge and experience to get the best deal for his clients. He started his Real Estate Career in 1997, as an investor, which taught him the creative financing, buying, and selling aspects of Real Estate. Now, James integrates all of his experience and skills into a complete and highly specialized Real Estate Agent for his clients. He considers himself an expert negotiator for his client's and always has his client's best interest at heart. James takes great pride in finding potential flaws in construction or lack of maintenance in all of the homes he sees. James uses his experience working with buyers to get your home sold fast. He knows what home buyers are looking for.

"My clients expect the best and that is what I give them, 100% loyalty and commitment"

James has undergone numerous training courses specifically designed to provide outstanding representation for his clients whether selling or buying a home.

"I believe in providing superior service as I guide my clients throughout the entire home buying or selling process. My philosophy is very honest and to the point....provide superior service so that you will tell your friends and relatives about my services. My business depends on the many referrals I receive."

Give me a call 800-301-9122 or email james@newhomejames.com to discuss your Real Estate needs. You will be pleasantly surprised that I am not a "pushy realtor" and I only give out valuable information for your specific needs. So…you can make an educated decision.


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Certified New Home Specialist - CNHS

Residential Construction Certified - RCC

Accredited Buyer Representative - ABR

Seasoned Realtor since 2005 - Experience Matters. Serving Houston, Pearland, Friendswood, Manvel, Clear Lake, Missouri City, League City, Kemah, Seabrook, Webster, Katy, Sugarland, Memorial, Galveston, Surfside, Downtown Houston, and the Houston Bay Area.


New Construction Buyer's Agent

Certified Negotiation Expert

Certified New Home Specialist

Residential Construction Certified

Master Marketing Guru 

Testimonials for James Potenza New Home REALTOR®

  • Eric Teletzke

    James did a great job helping my wife and I find the ideal community to build our first home. He gave us numerous options before we settled on a community perfectly suited to our needs. He helped us negotiate a number of free incentives and upgrades from the builder. James made the house search easy and stress free and did not pressure us to make a decision. After the build started James visited the house regularly to check on the status of the construction and gave us tips on what to look for during the build. James also helped refer us to and inspector who did an excellent job. We chose James because he is very service oriented and he did not disappoint. We highly recommend James as a buying agent!

  • Jaime Barba

    I had to relocate to Houston due to my Job. My wife and I decided it was time to buy a house, the only problem was that I didn't know anyone that could help me at Houston, that got me a bit worried going thru that stressful process. That's when we meet James Potenza and he explained the entire process step by step. Right a way I knew I found the right person for the Job, he is very Professional and he's very knowledgeable when it comes to inspecting a house. He was pointing things out that any other realtor would not do. He gave me the impression that he was the one buying the house being so meticulous when he was showing me the houses. I really felt that he got my back thru the entire process, always looking out for our best interest.... On behalf of my family I thank you for all your help and guidance thru this process... You are the Best!!

  • Danielle Ireland

    After a quick relocation decision from New Hampshire to Texas, my husband and I needed to find a home, and we needed to find one fast! We originally sought after James because of the great reviews we found online. We were pleased by the efficiency and timeliness of the home search. James listened to our needs and showed us exactly what we were looking for in the area in which we desired to be. Because of the efficiency of the transaction, we were even granted the ability to close early. James was a great resource for the lender, title company, insurance and inspection. Everyone we worked with was helpful and able to easily understand our needs. James was both the seller and buyer’s realtor and handled that responsibly exceptionally well. Not only was he efficient, James takes his job and clients very seriously. Because we were living in between Texas and NH, James took every effort to be available when we needed him to be, and even took the time to check up on our newly purchased home when he knew we would not be in the area for a couple weeks. Thank you James for all your hard work and effort! We love our Texas home! Poul and Danielle Ireland New Hampshire to Pearland, Texas!

  • Pasha Goodman

    We worked with James for two home purchases now and he has exceeded our expectations both times! Always available to answer questions and he knows his stuff! He climbed into the attics of all the homes we viewed to help us get the most complete picture possible before making an offer. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home!!

  • Lance Terrill

    Lance Terrill — 5 star My wife and I highly recommend James Potenza as a buyer agent. Like many reviewers, we were first time home buyers and James' knowledge of the process was invaluable to us as we made the largest purchase of our lives! The specific aspects of James' service that stood out to me were (1) his insistence on our viewing many homes before making an offer which was wise advice, (2) his lack of pushiness or impatience as we visited each home with our toddlers, and (3) his passion for the details of home construction and (4) his willingness to mentor us in home ownership. In addition, his recommendation on a great lending agent was very helpful.

  • Raj, Rashmi & Raghav

    Rashmi Nair — 5 starBeing new to the Houston area and venturing into buying a home for the very first time – we were filled with numerous questions and apprehensions. We knew we needed help but we did not know who to contact. During our initial research on buying a home we happened to come across articles on the benefits of approaching an Exclusive Buyer’s agent. We were so lucky to come across James’s website. It had so much of good information for novices like us.
    We contacted him and after we met him, we knew we were in safe hands. Since day one, he walked through the whole process with us and welcomed even the most basic questions. He was always quick to point out any discrepancies and would make sure he asked all the right questions to the builder, inspector and sales rep, even if we missed anything.
    Before contacting James, we thought it will be awesome to have free refrigerator and other appliances included, fans put in etc…..but James guided us through the right track.
    He not only helped in negotiating the price for the home, but also guided us to have Inspections at the right stages, explained about the HVAC ducts and vents, water heater etc and took us through a detailed tour in the attic on how to maintain the really important stuff. We felt silly that we thought free appliances and fans were the big bonus!
    James made frequent trips to the building site, even when we were busy at work, and gave us updates. Any issues - he was our spokesperson, and addressed it with the right people, and got it corrected.
    What’s most important is that he is easily accessible, knows his job well and is always cheerful. Thank you James for being our honest representative, guide and above all, our new friend in Houston!

    Raj, Rashmi & Raghav
    League City, TX

  • Joe Stroffolino

    Joe Stroffolino — 5 star We had a great time with James as our realtor. Having never bought a home, he was very helpful at all steps to make sure things went smoothly. His knowledge of the home building process and contacts in inspection were invaluable. I would encourage anyone in the Houston housing market to give James a call.

  • Sherman and Suzanna

    James was very helpful in our purchase of our home. He was patient as he showed us houses in the Pearland area. He didn’t allow us to settle on a house, we kept searching for the house we fell in love with. James also showed us things to look for in purchasing a house: A/C, heating units, foundation, roofing, windows, etc. I felt I was getting a pre-home inspection with James. He guided us through each step of the home buying process. I would recommend James to anyone.

    Sherman and Suzanna Pearland, TX

  • Susan and Gary


    Gary and I would like to thank you for all your assistance in finding the right home in the right community for our family. Without a doubt you were the right agent to help us get everything we wanted in our home and community. Your familiarity of the area as well as your valuable knowledge of what to look for in a well built home was very important in our home selection. Your daily email updates provided us with a large selection of homes to choose from based on the criteria that we selected. On our trip to Houston to go through our selected possible homes with you, you were able to spot things that either were no longer up to "code", or that may be a future problems that further guided us. Once we found the "one" you were there to negotiate on our behalf to ensure we got a fair and marketable price. We also appreciated your professionalism and prompt response to all of our emails or phone calls throughout the process. Stress can run high during a relocation and home buying but having you on our side gave us the confidence right through closing.

    We will highly recommend others to you with their home buying needs. Thank you again!


    Gary and Susan Messmer

    League City, Texas

  • Ari and Heidi

    Our family was facing a significant life change as a result of a new job and eventual relocation from Michigan to Texas. For the past three months one of us was working and living in Texas commuting home to Michigan on alternate weekends. Soon after starting the new job in Texas we found James Potenza on the internet. Within 5 minutes of submitting our information, James contacted us. We had a great initial conversation with him and it was immediately obvious that he was friendly, helpful, very knowledgeable about the area and receptive to our interests and concerns, taking our priorities into account. After shopping around for other agents for a few days, it was clear that James was head and shoulders above the rest and we chose him to represent us during this important, exciting and at times, stressful period in our lives. What a great decision that was!

    James sent us a great deal of info on the area, and on current listings that fit our description of our needs and what we were looking for in our next home and community (including good schools which was very important to us). Based on this internet/e-mail/phone dialog we selected a 3-4 cities and communities to consider in our search. James was very accommodating and bent over backwards to work with our schedule and constraints. He spent a Saturday with me on the weekend following my first week on the job to drive around the areas we were considering, viewing homes and getting a feel of the communities and potential commute times and conditions I could expect to get to work. This was a very productive and effective exercise, as we were able to narrow our search down to one area...Sienna Plantation in Missouri City. We would get daily updates of any new listings and properties that would come up. Even when we could not be around, James was working to check out/visit properties and would send us his appraisal and opinion of what he saw relative to our interests and needs.

    We did our multiple-day house hunting trip in late March, 2011. We needed to bring our family on this trip and James was great with the kids. He was patient with our three little boys and even gave them a little treat at the end of a long first day touring houses. That made quite an impression on all of us. James is very knowledgeable, informed and was clearly looking out for our best interests during the whole process. For example, James would spend time looking at things in the house we would not have thought to look at or look for (e.g. air conditioning unit quality, vents, ducts, climbing into the attic, hot water heater, insulation, water barriers etc.) and the general quality of how things were put together and kept. This informed eye was extremely beneficial to our making a good choice on our new home. When time came to make an offer on a home, James negotiation skills helped us get a great deal on a beautiful new home. He also lined up an inspector, and was present during the inspector on our behalf since we could not be there. He also followed up with the inspector and the builder, to ensure that issues were addressed to our satisfaction.

    And now, we are about to move into our new home! We loved working with James and would highly recommend him to anyone. He is always accessible and very responsive, and being a buyer’s agent, has the best interest of the buyer in mind as he works. James is helpful and proactive; he did everything he could to reduce work and stress for us during the whole process. And recently he sent us an 8x10 picture of our new house with card and a Texas flag to congratulate and welcome us to our new home.

    Thank you James! Ari and Heidi Kar

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