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I have been in the business now for 12 years and have approximately 650 transactions under my belt. I have consistently been a leader in sales in the city of Fullerton and North Orange County.

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My whole life has been based around homes.  I started my junior college days with art and interior design classes, ended up working at Home Depot as a designer and later worked at 3 different Home Depots in almost every department.   All of my homes that I have owned have been major fixers, including the 5859 sq/ft home that I currently live in which had some major foundation issues.  I worked with contractors to raise one portion of the home 6 inches and completely rebuild the foundation!!  Nothing scares me about homes and I feel I know them better than most realtors  that I know plus I have the interior design experience advantage.  I have been including staging my homes as part of my service and it has definitely helped my sales and I have a lot of fun doing it.  Life could not get any better than loving what you do and being rewarded with a very blessed life.

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I tend to gravitate towards vintage and custom homes.  I started my career with specializing in vintage homes because that is what I knew.  I have completely restored 2 vintage 1920's bungalows and now live in a 1960's mid-century modern home to die for.  I love the unusual, unilque, custom homes and the individuality of the neighborhoods that come with them.  They usually have more problems come up when selling them, but hey, I can''t help what I love!

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