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Get to Know Nick Tang

The Investors Academy is the ideal prototype of a Real Estate Investor Education Company. We've raised the industry standard, making it hard to find another school equivalent to ours. Renowned for our simplicity, integrity, and creativity, we teach our students everything from getting leads to applying that knowledge to close deals in a time-sensitive manner. It's a great feeling knowing that you are in control of your financial security with the education and support you get from the Investors Academy! It's no wonder that we pride ourselves in having the best instructors and staff on board to help you along the way.

At the Investors Academy, we are dedicated to providing real estate investors and agents the best and most up-to-date training, tips, tricks and interviews in the real estate business. All our products are made and taught by professionals who are actively investing and making huge money in the current real estate market. We cover everything from contracts, marketing, mortgages, negotiating, foreclosures, lending, quickturning, flipping, seasoning, exit strategies, closing, making money and everything else you can imagine in real estate.

Our Objectives

1. To have the most knowledgeable students! At the Investors Academy we believe that people learn best through repetition. Once enrolled in a course, we invite all our students to retake the same course for up to 1 year, free of charge from the date of registration. Students are encouraged to come back as often as possible to grasp concepts that they may have missed the first time. We have a discussion board for students to post on. We look forward to reading your comments.

2. To have the most successful students! At the Investors Academy we care about our student's success. But we don't just want knowledgeable students; we want all our students to become skillful investors who've gone out to the real world and successfully applied the skills they've learned from our courses over and over again.

3. To enable all students to succeed without Mentorships! At the Investors Academy, we don't believe in mentorships. In fact, we hate them! That's because we know that gurus who promote selling mentorships at the end of their class intentionally withhold information from their students. At the Investors Academy, we work hard to make our course as thorough as possible to enable all our students to succeed without a mentorship.

Our Promise To You

At the Investors Academy, we don't need to hype up our reputation to convince you that we are the real deal. You can see it in our students' success stories and the multiple checks they've collected. You can hear it at your local REIAs and other real estate investors who have attended any of our events. We stand behind our instructors and our products because we believe 100% that we can help you become financially independent. That's why unlike everyone else, we don't hesitate to offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our courses.




I am a full time real estate investor and educator. If you have any questions in your real estate ventures please do not hesitate to ask!