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Rayne Palmer
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For the latest inside scoop on the real real estate market in your specific neighborhood , please call us for an informal chat.  We have been beating that path for 27 years. We would love to hear from you.






I  have accumulated extensive comprehensive knowledge of neighborhoods from Oakland all the way to Hercules. During our RE realtionship I will keep you informed of our progress,  and I will respond quickly to your inquiries. I am persistent, tenacious , patient and creative. During negotiations I will always keep your best interest in mind.  My business is centered in the Berkeley, Oakland,  Albany, Kensington, El Cerrito areas.


Zach A
Rayne was our guide to the East Bay and home buying. In short - she is honest, straight forward, a wealth of knowledge not just about homes but the area and helped us find the perfect home. We had worked with two realtors prior to meeting Rayne, and she is certainly someone very special. Anyone would be very fortunate to have her working with them.
Haley V
'll start by saying that we wouldn't be in our home which we love and adore if it weren't for Rayne Palmer. Not only are we settled in the best home in the best location we could have hoped for, it’s been mere months since we started looking. The first offer we made was accepted because of Rayne’s expert guidance. Don’t get me wrong – the market is really tough. But it’s doable if you do your homework and have Rayne as your guide. As the buyer (we were first-timers), we had to make the tough calls – and any agent who tries to make them for you is probably not helping you out, which is why we really appreciated Rayne. She was unbelievably supportive and patient, and never made us feel like we were lowest on the totem pole for this being our first time – she wanted to help us learn, not steer the process. From the beginning, she took the time to make sure we understood how buying a home worked upfront so we wouldn’t feel confused or overwhelmed. She was also very responsive to our “style” – we liked to see houses on our own and then talk about them with her afterwards. Sensing this, she would always preview homes beforehand and tell us which ones she thought we might be interested in. Very importantly, Rayne trusted and respected our process as buyers, and we never felt pressured or second-guessed when we didn’t want to make an offer on a house. When it did come time to make our first offer, we were all in, and so was Rayne. She went absolutely above and beyond to make sure we had the very best shot at getting this house – essentially, she shepherded our offer up until the moment it was signed, including developing and maintaining a relationship with the sellers’ agent. Once we got into contract, Rayne was just the right amount of supportive – which is what I would call “accessible.” I’ve come to think that is the most prized quality in your real estate agent. She was never officious with her advice, but rather prided herself on making sure she responded to you asap if you reached out with anything – and she’ll talk, text, email or meet you in person. Those are some of the highlights of how Rayne can help you buy, and I imagine sell, your home. But to top it off Rayne is simply a lovely person to work with. She is genuine and incredibly kind, and has been living in the Berkeley area for many years so she cares about you finding your place in the East Bay. She came extremely highly recommended to us, and now we are delighted to have the opportunity to give her our highest recommendations to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent. When you’re sitting in your lovely, new home after a smooth process, you’ll be glad you did.
We have worked with Rayne over the last five years, and have been handily guided through the process of buying both a single family house, and an apartment building. We've recommended her to all our house-buying friends, and she's worked with a number of them to successfully navigate their buying processes in both up- and down-markets. She deeply, deeply knows her stuff, and is quite fun to work with (great sense of humor, which is quite welcomed during the real estate buying process!). We would not work with anyone else in the East Bay. A little more detail: Rayne has been working in her field, and in the East Bay market, for over two decades - there's not a street she doesn't know. She also has a remarkable network of brokers, inspectors, and experts that she easily brings in when needed. Rayne is great at confidently and considerately guiding you as the buyer or seller when you're flipping out. She knows when to move very fast, and when to ease off, and let the process unfold as it needs to. She is very patient, and is willing to go the whole way with you - when we first started looking for a house in Oakland, we had a very, very different thing in mind from what we ended up very happily buying. She went with us on this journey, and learned quite a bit about how to help us be clearer about what we were looking for - and got great at recommending places "we would love". She's a pleasure to hang out with during this whole process and never makes you feel other than as if you're her main client. Highly, highly recommended.

Expertly serving the following areas since 1983: Berkeley, Oakland, Albany,and the Contra costa County cities of Richmond, Kensington, El Cerrito, Orinda, Walnut Creek. Certified ShortSale Specialist