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I-Modified-It.com has taken an innovative approach to loan modifications. We have designed a proven system that simplifies the loan modification process. With over 16 years of experience in loss mitigation our team has performed over 2,000 loan modifications within the last two years, and our numbers continue to climb. With our basic techniques the homeowner will have great success without the trial and error. I-Modified-It.com has taken the guessing out of loan modifications.



The information within this kit will guide you to a successful loan modification. Remember I-Modified-It.com is on the homeowner’s side. This is why we included detailed tips and strategies that I-Modified-It.com uses within their loan modification division. The cutting edge strategies will expedite the time it takes to receive true results for a loan modification.


The Kit Includes:

Different Loan Types Explained Phone Tactics Step-By-Step Process Dictionary of Key Words Questions & Answers Borrower Information Sheet All Needed Fax Cover Sheets Scheduled Reminders

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