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iLearningGlobalTV has officially kicked off and running strong. iLearningGlobal began its journey in March of 2008 after many meeting and ideas were exchanges between the founders if the concept of the next generation of online learning. Months of ideas, concepts, and dreams turned into reality and iLearningGlobal and the concept of iLearningGlobalTV is now a reality. Tracy and his business partner new that there couldn't be a better time for this new learning platform to be unveiled. This ground breaking technology and the teachings of the worlds leading personal development experts combined would change the way people learn forever. Brian Tracy joined the founders and original executive team of 4 as the iLearningGlobal Chief Learning Officer and dozens of the world's top speakers, authors, and trainers followed suit to create the most respected online faculty ever. Hold on to your seats because iLearningGlobal is up and running.iLearningGlobal immediately began to produce true High Definition 7 - 10 minute, content rich segments as the flagship product of the iLearningGlobalTV website membership. iLearningGlobal came to market with the most advanced HD streaming technology to date and today provides a viewing experience above any other online portal. Users wanting to Join iLearningGlobal can sign up 24 hours a day and start using the iLearningGlobal Features immediately. Today iLearningGlobal boasts the largest online personal development library with multiple hundreds of copyrighted HD Videos, Classic Videos, audio programs, ebooks, and much more! After a very successful pre-launch phase, iLearningGlobal will officially launch in mid March of 2009 with their second LIVE Mega Event which was help in Las Vegas. iLearningGlobal Faculty.




iLearningGlobal - i Learning Global - The edge to earn more with on-line learning. i Learning Global TV the future of on-line learning with Brian Tracy.