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If you are selling your home or in the business of selling homes in Sussex County, NJ or the surrounding area you need a little House Dressing!

House Dressing specializes in real estate staging for homeowners and real estate professionals.  Staging sets the scene for potential homebuyers—it’s easy for them to imagine living in a staged home—and they fall in love with the house.

Although, a house is often a family’s biggest investment it can be an emotional decision.  Homebuyers often make up their mind about a property in 10--90 seconds—not much time to make a good first impression. 

A staged home makes a good impression and for the seller that can translate to less time on the market and a higher selling price.

 As a homeowner it may be difficult to see your home as a buyer would see it.  Your home has been the place where memories have been made, children raised, and the family has gathered for holidays and celebrations.

As a home stager I work with you to see your home as a product again—a house on the market successfully competing with lots of other houses on the market. 

I will maximize your home’s good qualities and minimize the flaws.  I know you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a house you are leaving so I work with the furniture and accessories you already own and I’m happy to work within your budget.

House Dressing will help you decorate to sell.

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People often ask how long I have been staging—professionally about three years—but as an amateur I’ve staged since I was a kid—there just wasn’t a name for it. Several online courses and plenty of independent study have moved me from the amateur division to professional.

Real estate staging in Sussex County, NJ presents unique challenges and rewards.  Buyers are often moving into the area from a more urban setting so helping them envision their new lifestyle is an important part of staging a house for sale. 


 My husband was in the military when we were newlyweds which meant frequent moves and little cash –I had lots of practice using the “old” furniture in the “new” house.I enjoy the challenge of using furniture and accessories in a new way and stretching the budget.

 Selling a house is often a step an individual, couple or family needs to take in order to move on to the next phase of their life.  My goal is always to help make that step as easy and stress-free as possible. 

As an educator for nearly 20 years I see staging as another form of education—I educate homeowner to look at their house in a different way; I educate the buyer on the home’s potential and I educate real estate professionals on an effective and inexpensive marketing tool.



House Dressing is a home staging and interior redesign service based in Sussex County, NJ and serves homeowners and real estate professionals in the tri-state area.