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It's a new market, one that no agent has ever experienced, with a new brand of consumer...the "internet-empowered consumer". If your business (and agent's SHOULD consider themselves and organize themselves as a business) and presently exist from listing to listing, then you need the help of a Marketing Specialist who understand how to utilize multiple channels to reach your target market. You need someone to show you how to not only set your business up using three fundamental objectives,  but how to create an exit strategy for the day you decide to retire.

If you are from Bucks or Montgomery Counties, PA...you're in luck. I'm only a phone call and a short drive away!

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An Integrated Marketing approach crosses many channels, an important part of your marketing, since nearly 70% of home shoppers are mutli-channel shoppers. Over 80% of home shoppers begin go online to look for a home, less than 3% are looking for agents to represent them. This is where print advertising, combined with online and direct mail is more powerful than any one medium alone.


But don't just take MY word for it, listen to some of the professionals such as Michael J. Russer, A.K.A., Mr. Internet and author of Real Estate Rainmaker - A Guide to Online Marketing...or Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerilla Marketing. They both state that integrated online and offline marketing wins very time.


Major corporations have known this for years now...it's time that the real estate industry catches up.

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