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Justin Hartman
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Get to Know Justin Hartman

We are a well established mortgage company based in Maryland, specializing in purchase business and government loans.  Our underwriting is in house and very efficient.  We pride ourselves on timelines, we move files from application to clear to close, faster than any other company.  We have some of the lowest rates in the country and we offer "NO POINTS" on our loans.  We sell the lowest rate and charge a flat fee no matter the size of the loan amount.  We feel its the same amount of work regardless of the loan amount, so we charge the same fee for EVERY FILE.  This is huge when borrowers need to bring money to the table and there are "NO POINTS" being charged.

If you have borrower looking to purchase a home, you would be doing them a diservice if we did not qoute them figures. 


We specialize in streamline refinances, purchases and commercial real estate.  Our government loan products are the best priced programs on the market.  We can do all of the inventive financing aswell. 

We keep everyone on the same page and up to date at all times.  There is no wondering whats going on when we have our hands on your files.  We are very efficient, I'll have your loan closed before most loan officers even give you a call back to update you on their progress.   

 We are available 24/7 to our clients. 


Specializing in "NO POINT" loans. We offer lowest rate avialble at a fixed cost. We do not charge points. Licensed in MD, VA, FL, PA, WV, MO, OK, SC and Hawaii