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Mark Brown
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Get to Know Mark Brown

I provide honest thorough inspections in an unbiased format.  I make every attempt to provide you with all the details about the home you are interested in buying.  The more important issues in the report can be used to help you with your 'buy or not-to-buy' decision, or to negotiate with the seller.  The less important issues can serve as a 'fix-it-list' for future improvements to the home. I promote having an inspection review at the end of the inspection with my clients.  While my reports are self explanatory, I feel nothing beats having a one-on-one review where you can see and ask quesitons.  I look forward to assisting you.   


I love 'mechanical things', I like to know how they work and why they don't work. I like to build, repair, and restore.

I spent 28 years in a 200 man manufacturing facility. The last 21 years, I was over all of maintenance, both facility, equipment; new installations and upkeep.  Every opportunity found me on the floor with the guys learning and doing... it is what made me tick. 

My dad was had his own construction company, so I spent significant time helping in the construction of homes, office buildings, and churches. 

While all this experience has helped me significantly, I still learn more every day.  My belief has always been that I can learn from anyone... if I will just listen.





It is my goal to provide you a detailed unbiased report. I also included photos and descriptions of more serious issues. Reports are emailed in less than 24 hours. I look forward to serving you.