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What if you can finance every working home buyer in today's market?<[>

A long time realtor in OH had this to say about our program:

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We can work with buyers down to a 500 credit score and with 0-5% down payment. Banks and Mortgage Companies are requiring 15-20% down payment in the 500-620 Score range. 15% down payment does NOT work for 99% of credit challenged buyers today!

You can sell homes much faster and sell at the full appraised price.

We offer a proven Seller Financed marketing, selling and home finance plan. We can also help you find and finance all type of Buyers: "A" credit Buyers to "D" credit and credit challenged Buyers. We also have plans that have helped Buyers with no down payment.

This is the hottest financing opportunity in the right place and at the right time! You get 1% of every home sale that we process through this system.

Not only that, wrapped around the financing opportunity is a business opportunity for mortgage brokers, real estate agents, investors, &c. You introduce this to others, and you make 1/2% of the deals they bring in. Not only that, bring them into the system, and we pay you a finders fee for their participation.

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Real Estate Entrepreneur buying residential properties that otherwise do not sell & selling to cash rich, credit poor buyers who cannot qualify with traditional lenders.