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Hi, I am multi-lingual (French, Spanish, Portugues). I operate a boutique real estate firm. We buy, sell and Lend on non-owner occupied properties. We also buy and sell notes. We have a large regional network which is expanding nationwide.  We are a friendly solutions orriented firm that works in collaboration with other real estate service oriented businesses.  We offer consulting and coaching services as well.  We have been activie in the real estate community for over 10 years and have completed a vaireity of real estat backed transcation for ourselves and our clients.


We specialize in turning Problem Properties into win win solutions for all.  We buy properteis and notes that others might pass on, locally and nationally.  We can lend on non-owner occupied properties that meet our requirements. We have a unique team of specialized real estate consultants and a vast network reginally and nationally to assist homeowners and Real Estate professionals. We will consider any referral to include any residentlal property, notes or  Mobile Home Parks.




I operate a boutique real estate investment firm. We buy, hold, sell & lend on Real Property, we buy/sell Note and offer consulting services regionally.