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If you are making your living in the real estate industry/related you NEED to take a serious look at our investment vehicle NOW offered privately/Self Subscription STILL at .02cents, subscription share before we transfer to the NASDAQ/OTCBB Small Cap ($2 +/-) NOT the Penny stocks, for our 3rd time, public with approaching 40 years of success and not just nationally but internationally as well.  Shame on you if you fail to see our opportunity investment ~ as a realtor or related!!  We are a . . .

A REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION ~ Our third public corporation launch as self stock offering!  We are in our third S-1 Self Stock Offer in the last 37 years. We will be transferring to the Small Cap/OTCBB 4th quarter 2011. We have plans to acquire 10-20 companies under our holdings c-corporation and anticipate our stock to reach $10-$20 in couple years. Our last two corps/public sold for over $5/share and started at .02 cents/share. We are currently .02 cents/share -- ConvenienceGasFood Stores, Fuel Delivery, Truck Stops, Oil Exploration, Hotels/Lodging, Trucking/Transport, LED Light Manuf/Distr., Vision/Mind Products & More to come. Our last 2 corporations were sold (20 c-stores packages), This corporation we aim for 50-100 c-stores/truck stops and all the companies mentioned above, under our holdings c-corp.

We have accomplished many successful relationships in the past couple months.  View attached Welcome Letter to Jim Norris/NFL

1-Exclusive Story in "A New Industry Player In The Making" !

2-Anticipating the acquisition for over 20 c-stores and growing!

3-A growing team of 20+ Associate Representatives now Internationally!

4-Our third public company in the last 15 years, we anticipate positive healthy returns!  Ride with us to Profit Road!

5-A leader in the industry with CEO that is approaching 40 years - ALL SUCCESSES!

6-Over overwhelmingly amount of c-store owners, contacting us to co-equity own or sell current stores
7-Serious inquiries from professional athletes that want to co-equity own and brand/image stores to their career/history and a formal meeting with NY Governor for NY State (to start) for job creation with our business models with NY investment partners.