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A mom, a dad, and their 6 year old son got in the car to run an errand. Dad told the boy to sit down and buckle up. The boy (being a bit rebellious and independent) said no. Dad took appropriate measures and the boy was seated and buckled safely in the back seat. The boy said in a pouty but self assured tone "I may be sitting down on the outside, but I'm standing up on the inside"!

That describes a lot of the history of my work life. I comply with a lot of things that I don't agree with. Eventually I end up not happy in that position and begin looking for other things to do. So it seems the only "employer" I can live with is me!


I have been helping new insurance agents pass their license exam for 8 years. I have done this as part of my full time job and moonlighting on the side. I have often thought about creating my own company to provide pre-license exam preparation material and post license continuing education courses. Friends and associates have encouraged me to pursue the idea.

I have finally taken the step and am in the process of creating this new company to be a resource for agents and the public. A main goal of the new company is to service the insurance industry, be a resource to agents, csr's, & adjusters. But I want to expand beyond that. I want to help anybody I can. I understand insurance policies and how they work. I am not an agent and I am not selling policies for a living. However, I can review coverages and make recommendations as a consultant to individuals.


I am passionate about helping people succeed and grow. I founded Cerium Learning to be a resource for convenient insurance education, training, and information. Whether you are an agent, a consumer...