Sandra George (ReMax Leading Edge)

354 George Liles Parkway

Suite 40

Concord , NC 28027

Specializing in real estate for the Greater Charlotte, NC area including Lake Norman, and Cabarrus, Rowan, Union, Iredell, & Rowan counties. Let me be the first to welcome you to our beautiful area!

Get to know Sandra George

I am a realtor with ReMax Leading Edge, and I am proud to be living and working in beautiful Concord/Cabarrus County just North of Charlotte, NC.  I grew up in this area and know it well!  There's nothing I like better than welcoming new buyers to my favorite part of the country--my home!

Along with covering the entire Mecklenburg County including the Lake Norman Area, I am easily able to navigate through the surrounding Cabarrus, Rowan, Stanly, Union, Gaston, and Iredell Counties.  I love showing homes to potential buyers whether it be their first home purchase or their last.  We are constantly growing here and our market has been able to maintain and survive throughout the difficult economic times that have severely hit other parts of our country. 

I feel very fortunate to not only live in this part of the world, but to a part of the real estate industry here!  We have the best of everything here--4 hours to either the beautiful beaches of N.C. or S.C.--3 hours to our breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains!  Whatever it is that calls you here--be it our enormous banking center, job availability, NASCAR, better home values, milder weather, the fantastic investment opportunities, or just for a change of scenery--we have it all! 

Fourteen years in this business has taught me that everything comes in cycles and that we must always be optimistic--things will always work out as long as you continue to work them out.  Keeping a sense of humour while always maintaining my professionalism is a priority. I don't give up and I get so much pleasure and satisfaction when I see happy faces across from mine at the closing table and I know that I have done my job and done it well. I will always treat everyone the way that I would like to be treated and promise to make your home-buying process as easy and as pleasant as possible!  I am always available and open to your referrals and appreciate every bit of business that comes my way.     


I have been licensed in N.C. since 1995 and in S.C. since 2006.  As the mother of four boys, real estate was a part-time job for me for several years.  Once the boys were older, and didn't seem to need/want me as much I finally felt ready to devote the time needed to become a full-time agent.  After raising those four boys (one is still at home, but still doesn't want/need me), I felt ready for anything that could come my way.

As a full-time agent, I worked for several real estate companies that specialized in new construction and buyer agency.  I learned quickly the right questions to ask of a first-time homebuyer, what was needed to complete their financing process, and how to find solutions to the many obstacles that the first-time homebuyer could come up against.  I then went to work for a builder and learned the inside details of new construction.  My job was to make sure everything fell into place and that we made it to the closing table with everything done correctly.  After three years of learning as much about new construction and financing and what it takes to make it to the closing table, I ventured out on my own into the real estate market.

I teamed up with Kim Gandy in 2006 to form Gandy & George.  Initially, this was done because we had initiated a listing presentation together.  We just clicked through that transaction and found that we made a pretty good team.  We were able to share our experience and our experiences, share our expenses, have a good time together, and we were much more secure when meeting new clients or going into different areas that we weren't as familiar with.  I've been told that we're pretty hard to beat!  We are both natives of this area and we give a great GandyGeorge tour! We both believe in keeping our sense of humour and having fun with what we do, but we know how to always maintain the upmost professionalism. When you hire our team to take care of your real estate needs, you get two of us and we are both very dedicated to our chosen profession.  There is always at least one of us to take care of whatever comes our way in the deals that we put together. The only thing that takes precedence over our work is our families.  Visit our website:

I am going on my second year with ReMax Leading Edge and I'm thrilled at the support and education that this excellent company provides.  I have worked with other real estate companies in the past, but I feel sure that I have now found my place.  With ReMax, I have been able to further my career and take it to the next level.  In 2008, after my first year with this company and even in a slightly depressed market, I was awarded membership in the ReMax Executive Club and I intend to double that in 2009.  Everyday is a learning experience and I love what I do for a living!  I also work with the most extraordinary group of agents that I have ever had the priviledge to be around.  There is always some tidbit of knowledge or some kind of wisdom being passed on.  If I don't have the answer, I can find someone in the Leading Edge office that does!

I specialize and have an especially "soft spot" for first-time homebuyers.  There's nothing like guiding someone through the purchase of their first home.  It is very gratifying!  I love informing that buyer that they can indeed buy a house and watching their faces light up when they find just the right one.  I also specialize in new construction--having worked the other side of the desk in these transactions has helped me to better advise my buyer clients.  I keep a wonderful team of professionals just a phone call away so that we can make sure that their financing goes as smoothly as possible, their homes are thoroughly and carefully inspected, and that when we are finally sitting at the closing table, they know for sure what they are doing and what to expect because they have been thoroughly educated in this process.

Working with investors is another specialty of mine and I have several groups that I am always keeping a lookout for great deals.  They know that when I call--they need to move quickly!  I am constantly reviewing "hotsheet" listings, specific neighborhoods, and the state of our foreclosure and shortsale market,  I love finding those deals!! I have worked with HUD homes, foreclosures, and shortsales.  Although each transaction is different, I am confident in my abilities to navigate each one successfully!  I have learned to never panic--there is usually a solution--you just have to work it out.

I will be selling real estate for a long time to come.  Even when I "retire", I'll be looking at homes as I go down the road and guesstimating what they're worth or envisioning what the inside looks like.  I'll check out a tract of land and think about what kind of house would fit or look best on it. To me, this is not just a profession, it's a lifestyle.


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