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fixed priced brokerage that is not a meme et of the realtors 

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I have appeared on CNBC since 2007. Here are some of the highlights!


I have BS degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University



Freddie Mac LP award winner


Negotiations and marketing.  What more do you need? :)

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Fred, love your thinking. At least your coming up with solutions instead of sitting on the sidelines whining about it Doug Leugers, Broker, RE/MAX Affiliates Fred, very interesting points. I like creative thinking. Problem with the Government is there is no accoutability or oversight. Right now they're handing out money and they don't even know what it's being used for. Connie Harvey, Prudential Woodmont Realty, Nashville, TN I really like the fact your working on solutions and that's what we need. I don't have any faith the government solutions by themselves will work. Mark Watterson, Principle Realty Group, Utah Fred - I agree with Patrick.. thinking outside the box is key in this environment. I think everyone should put the ideas out there so they can be discussed and debated. The folks who only have negative things to say need to step up and offer solutions as well. Or at least help to be part of the solution... interesting post and comments Christopher an Stephanie Somer, RE/MAX Affiliates, Philadelphia Fred - Great post!!! I also liked many of your ideas and while I think that a lot more needs to be done, this would at least be a start. Donne Knudsen, Pacific Financial Mortgage I agree with everything you said except #5 -- I think it is not a wise idea to have a buyer purchase a home if they nothing to put down, it makes it easier to walk away -- which is why the 2nd part of #5 might stop them, but I'm not sure many people would agree to #5 - 2nd part. I think your idea is out of the box thinking and we are at a critical juncture, so I would like to see this kind of brainstorming going on, but my guess is they will nibble around the edges and try and enforce more rules. Chris Olsem Osen Ziegler Realty

Nationally respected and outspoken real estate/mortgage broker, CNBC® regular, appeared on Late Show w/ David Letterman.