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Behind On Your Mortgage Payments.

Upside Down on your Mortgage.

We can Help.

We Negotiate with your Bank to reduce what you Owe.

We Sell your house Quickly.

We get the Bank to sign a release on your Bad Debt.

We get the Bank to Pay our realtor commission.

There is No Cost for our services.

You Avoid a Deficiency Judgment on Bad Debt.

You Avoid Higher Taxes for the bank's losses.

You get to Buy a House in the near future.

Your Credit Score is protected.

You Move On with your life with Dignity.

Hire a Professional Negotiator to deal with your Bank


It's not over after you walk away from a foreclosure

  Your credit score drops 250 to 280 points

  It's harder to buy a house in the future

  You get a 1099 tax bill for your banks losses on your house

  You still owe creditors for balances on your house

  You pay higher interest rates for the next 7 to 10 years


Specializing in helping home owners who are up side down on their mortgage negotiate with their bank to be able to sell their house quickly with a below market offer and still avoid furture taxes.