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Florida Green Construction, Inc. is a premier builder of Certified Green Homes in the North East Florida Region, including St. Augustine area, Palm Coast, greater Daytona and Ormond Beach

Get to know Florida Green Construction, Inc.

Florida Green Construction Inc. is the custom green home builder in Florida.
Quality, design, and reasonable prices are the top three priorities of our company. Our goal is to allow customers to own sustainable, energy and water efficient homes, while living in a healthy, indoor environment. In addition, we give our customers the opportunity to build a hurricane, tornado, fire resistant, and sound suppressant home.

Our homes are built with modern construction technologies. Because of these technologies, all the homes that we build are highly energy efficient, hurricane and tornado resistant up to 200 mph winds, fire resistant up to 4 hours, healthy indoor environment and certified as Green!
We don't just say "Green" we certify it. Independent agencies certified quality of our homes: FPL “Build Smart”, “Energy Star”, “Water Star”, “Green Home”. Insurance companies qualify our homes as "Superior Construction" for substantially lower insurance premiums.

Comparable cost to traditionally built homes plus continued savings over lifetime of home.

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Build Green and Save Money!

 Our base price includes a savings of $30,000-$40,000 on all structural items and also includes Green, Energy Efficient features and Hurricane Resistant structural advantages  that continue to save you money.  

 Start saving right away and pay off your mortgage sooner than conventional homes by:

•·       Saving up to 70% on energy and utility bills.

•·       Low maintenance Landscaping means lower water and lawn maintenance cost.

•·       Get substantially lower insurance rates (see letter from insurance company)

 Use your monthly savings to prepay your mortgage loan and save 10-12 years or more of bank interest.

 For example:

If your average monthly savings are $ 200.00 and you applied that amount to your 30 year mortgage of $ 150,000 at 6 % fixed interest rate you could pay off your loan in about 19 years instead of 30. That's a savings of approximately $70,000-$75,000 over the life of your loan!

Build Green and Stay Healthy!

Your Family's Health is priceless!

There is really no way to place a value on your family's health. A Certified "Green Home" built by Florida Green homes provides a safe and healthy environment for you and your family that can drastically reduce trips to the Doctor and even life threatening illnesses by keeping out dust, allergens, pollutants, black mold spores, and insects.

 We use only Zero VOC paint, Certified Green Cabinetry and Carpet and Rug Institute Certified Green Carpet.

 Our homes are built without products containing formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbon, asbestos, and fiberglass which can cause serious illness and long term effects that can put a strain on your family's budget financially.

The price for your family's health... It's immeasurable!

That's why we build our homes they way we do!

Build Green and stay healthy. It's our Standard!

Build Green and Live Worry Free!

Florida Green Homes are capable of withstanding winds up to 200 mph. That makes them one of the safest structures in the world.

Build Green and Save Planet!

It is our standard to make the world a better place by providing a healthy environment in and outside of your home, by reducing waste, conserving natural resources, improving both air and water quality, and protecting ecosystems.

An average 2,000 sf home built with ICF construction saves up to 47 trees and creates no ozone depletion.

LiveWell - Live Florida Green!

•·       At Florida Green Construction we believe, you shouldn't sacrifice your comfort and peace of mind. 

•·       Our prices are comparable to traditionally constructed homes. 

•·       You will live with savings, comfort and peace of mind in your newly constructed Florida Green Home in North East and Central Florida.



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