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Entrepreneur: founded and managed two successful banking firms. Skills in Originating and underwriting residential & commercial mortgages to private-money and institutional products. Intimate familiarity with state & federal lending guidelines. Capital placement experience with trust deeds, mortgage fund offerings, private offerings, equity partnerships, credit companies, life insurance companies, pension funds, self-directed IRA -

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a sophisticated investor, let me empower you with the information and service you need to make the best loan decision. I have over 20 years experience in all facets of real estate and lending, I understand the importance of continuous contact and honest feedback. I take the time necessary to better understand your needs and concerns. I take pride in being the best I can be for you. I learn something valuable from every person I meet. I am committed to my clients needs 100% and will go to bat for you to get you the very best deal possible.

When you want to do it right the first time call me and-- sit back and relax and let me put my skills to work for you!!!



A 'hard money' loan, also known as a 'private money' loan, 'equity-based' loan, or 'asset- based' loan is based primarily on real estate collateral. Private lenders fund the loans rather than institutions such as banks. Since the collateral is sufficient to recover the original investment if the borrower defaults, other borrower qualifications are minimized. Credit history and credit scores are not as important. Borrower income is still a factor in many situations, (Not on Stated income stated assets loans) but not as important as conventional lending.Call us today http://www.Ourfundsonline.Com.  (310) 984-0496  is your source for ALL Hard Money Loans. With over 15 years of experience in all areas of lending including hard money lending, we are able to offer specialized loan programs to fit everyone from corporations to individuals ranging from $100,000 - No Limit. Our team has the experience to process and close all types of fast hard money loans including large and small acquisition loans, bridge loans, mezzanine loans and financing, asset based, construction loans and more. If you need hard money financing, let our highly experienced team get your project funded and closed......FAST.

$50k - $2,00.000 program - no minimum score
$500k - $5mm program - 680 min. fico score
(Multifamily, mixed-use, retail, office, warehouse, light industrial, special purpose, bed & breakfast, automotive, etc....)
Full Doc
$100k - $5mm - 660/680 minimum score
$500k - $5mm - 660 minimum score With considerable assets
(Multifamily, mixed-use, retail, office, warehouse, light industrial, special purpose)
Types Of Hard Money Loans Available:
 ( ) we hold as collateral.

* Residential
* Construction
* $250,000 - $2,500,000
* Lot Loans
* NO FICO requirements
* Small Commercial
* LTV's to 70%
* Foreclosures
* Stated Income
* Interest only
* Multiple Borrowers
* No Prepay Penalties
* Cross Collateral OK
* Multifamily
* Office
* Retail
* Self Storage
* Special Uses
* Payments Holdbacks
* Medical
* Mixed Use

Borrower EQUITY is the primary criteria. We will look at loans on any type of real estate to any type of borrower just as long as there is equity there is a good chance you have yourself a loan !!!!!!

We fund our loans in as little as 7 days with that being said we try and limit the amount of time we have available to just one state

Hard Money Acquisition Loan
A hard money acquisition loan is used to acquire real estate using the loan proceeds. $250,000 to No Limit.

Mezzanine Financing & Loan
A Mezzanine loan is a loan that is subordinate to a Primary Lender. Mezzanine Loans are a debt instrument which is paid back at the time of sale of refinance of the total capital stack. The lender may take an equity ownership in addition to the debt that will be paid out on the proceeds of the sale. Mezzanine loans have flexible structure including debt and equity mixes that can increase your leverage.

Loans on property or the business with equity in either ownership or warrants in the company. Used to buy valuable property or business or even buy out an existing partner. The program provides additional funding when first mortgage is at maximum loan amount. Up to 3-year terms available. $300,000 and larger depending on equity.

Hard Money Acquisition & Development Loan
These hard money loans are used to both acquire and develop real property to an improved state. Loan proceeds are dispersed with interest only paid on funds distributed. Hard Money Loan to value is determined as to the overall improved value.

Asset Based Hard Money Loan
These hard money loans are for any purpose whereby collateral is put up for security.

Hard Money Bridge Loan
A hard money bridge loan is a loan that is used for a short period of time until a permanent loan or financing is put in place. Bridge loans are a perfect hard money solution to a timely acquisition or business opportunity simply because they allow you to act quickly. These hard money loans can be used:

    * Acquisitions
    * Buy-Outs
    * Foreclosures
    * Cash Out
    * Construction
    * Commercial Property
    * Apartments Buildings
    * Hotel / Motel
    * Office Buildings and Complexes
    * Golf courses, and almost all commercial businesses.

      Short-term programs available if needed -  (12-24 months) No Limit on funding.

Hard Money Construction Loan
A hard money construction loan is a loan used to construct a building or other improvements of real property, with the land and improvements as collateral for the loan. Construction reserve accounts are generally maintained to disburse the money as the construction progresses. Up to 100% cost of construction available depending on the improved value.  Type of collateral property ranges from home construction to large commercial projects.

Hard Money Raw Land Loan
Unimproved real property. From lot(s) to large acreage. Normally raw land is valued as a "as is" value or a 90-day "quick sale" price to determine loan-to-value ratios. $100,000 to No Limit with LTV's at 55%


Hard Money Commercial Lending Criteria & Loan Rates

    * Loan Size  - From $100,000 - No Limit
    * Location - Urban and suburban US properties
    * Collateral - All Property types will be considered
    * Rates - 10%- 16% 
    * Terms - 1-3 years, interest only
    * Max LTV - 70% LTV - Depends on property type and improvements
    * Creative/Flexible - Blanket loans; points and fees wrapped into the loan; multiple income sources considered.

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