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We offer affordable, completely customized analysis with specific advice on Curb Appeal for real estate agents, sellers, and homeowners alike! See our website for details. Cost: only $179.99

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We are a small but dedicated team of Certified Real Estate Stagers who consult all over North America using cutting edge technology to convey our ideas to homewowners and sellers. We have helped hundreds of homeowners, and we can help you, too!






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Color Consultation, Landscaping, Roofing, you name it, we offer concise, coordinated advice to save you time, money, and frustration. All our consultations come with an emailed digital image and large paint chip samples in your mailbox. There is no other service like this of it's kind anywhere.

Our experience is vast and comes from real-world application. It makes no matter what the architectural style is or the budget. We have low-cost and even no-cost solutions, and we can also suggest high-end solutions for the finest homes.


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