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We Buy/Sell notes, for ourselves and end Buyers.   

We have been involved in selling loans (notes) from banks, holding companies, private corporations, trusts, etc...  both performing and non-performing.    In simple terms we sell loan notes, mostly in bulk to investors that want to double their money in a quick amount of time.   An example of this would be, you take out a loan for $20,000, you've paid back $10,000 to whatever financial instution, that financial instution gives us the loan to sell, we find an investor that wants to buy your loan, so for .50 cents on the dollar ($5000) of the loan balance ($10,000), they buy the loan.   So you will still have to pay the $10,000, but instead of paying the financial instution, you pay the new holder of the note.   It's simple.  

And we have set this up for the small end Buyer to come in, so you do not need millions to purchase notes.   Any questions, let us know.......

 Past as Business Brokers

We worked with business owners who are motivated and serious about selling their businesses. We worked with buyers who are equally serious and can demonstrate they have the financial capacity and credit worthiness to make a purchase. Confidentiality, trust, professionalism, and excellence of service are the characteristics of our company.  We are able to offer levels of service  to both buyers and sellers, unparalleled in the industry. We would like to work with you.  We firmly believe our clients are best served when we also work with other ethical business brokers.


Part of our working solutions concerning loan notes is the collection process if the note goes into a non-performing status.   We can handle the collection process through normal channels, work out solutions, interest only on terms, or having to take legal action (which is last resort).  Our rate of recovery is currently at 97%.



Why today is a good reason to invest in Loan Notes

Banks fail, financial firms going under, private investment firms.... all have made loans (also called assets).  Now it's time to sell them.  There are two type of Loan notes; performing and non-performing.   Performing notes are where the person/company that took the loan for whatever reason (house, car, business, boat, property...) and is currently up to date on making payments.    Non-performing loans are where the payments are late.  Quite simple.

Why invest in notes?  Example, Mark took a car loan for $20,000 he has paid $5,000 on the loan note to the bank and is current making payments on what he owes.   The bank fails, the gov't takes over the assets (loans) and works through third parties (that's us) and we sell the loan that is performing at .50 cents on the dollar.  So, our investors can buy Mark's loan for 50% of the balance due, which would be $7500.00.   Now Mark will pay the investor instead of the bank.  The investor makes $7500.00 plus interest on the loan, which means he more than doubles on his investment.  

There are a few twists in this, minor details that are always worked out.   Such as if Mark would stop making payments (0f course you can repo his vehicle, in the case of property you can foreclose...), or if something happens to Mark... but that is the exception, and not the rule.

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Loan/Asset Sales from failed banks/financial institutions 2008-Present.