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Amy Hutton
location_on West Palm Beach, FL — Everglades Equity, INc.
Get to Know Amy Hutton

I work with realtors, and mortgage brokers. I also partner with private investor groups with whom I've developed a relationship.  Together we purchase your short sale listings for CASH.  I'm primarily interested in any short sale listing within about 50 miles of West Palm Beach, FL, but I certainly will consider listings in any other area or state as well.

We only work with listing agents.  We're looking for short sale listings in good neighborhoods from $150k up to about $3mm. After we have the house under contract, our crack short sale negotiating team (which gets great results fast) can take over what you've already done, if anything, and handle the entire process for you.

We know what a hassle short sale negotiating can be.You probably didn't become a Realtor so you could spend your time negotiating with banks.  We free you up so you can do what you do best-list and sell.

We have proof of funds (POF issued for each individual transaction.) And you actually get 1% more than you normally would receive as the listing agent.

We have mllions of dollars available to buy short sales. If you know of agents with short sale listings, perhaps you could work out a fee from them for referring them on to us.


1. Do you know of a builder/developer who has inventory of at least $1 million?  We can help him/her restructure his loans so that he/she can then sell the homes with NO CREDIT CHECK.  The new financing to the end buyer is assignable if they want to move on.

2. Have a listing from $500k to $20mm that isn't selling? Our investors will buy the home using their cash. You just find us a buyer with 15% liquid cash and closing costs.  No Credit Check. Works great for foreign nationals and other people who want a more private transaction.

3. We buy self storage facilities anywhere in the USA, mobile home parks over $1 million, and senior living facilities.  We also do joint ventures with owners of prime commercial land. We have our own developers. $7million minimum.

4. We find financing for very large commercial projects internationally. Our commercial investor group funds hotels, housing developments and any other real estate backed project, from $4million to $750million. Currently not working in the middle east, but prefers US projects as well as Carribean projects, but  not adverse to doing occasional projects in other countries.



I was a Realtor for years in PA and in FL. When I started working with private investors my life changed. My partners and I buy short sale listings for cash. Call me-We'll Talk!