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Home Staging (adj.) the art of preparing your Real Estate to sell!

 Before, client pre staged                                    After the Realty Stager difference!



My Top 5 Professional Answers to your Questions/Statements:


1.   Home Staging, "Yeah we did that, my wife took down all our family pictures"

Selling your house is like marketing a product, your house is now a product for sale. Just like any store front window display, you want to entice buyers to "come have a look", "Try it out, see how it fits". Your online pictures are going to speak the loudest for buyers, empty walls will not entice buyers. They will skip on by, with no desire to look any further. 


2.   "My house isn't the worst but it isn't the best"

I have yet to see a house that would not benefit from one of my Home Staging prep to sell packages. This is not decorating to live, this is "Prepping to Sell". After a Home Staging consultation I most often hear from my client,  "I would have never thought of putting the couch there, that really opens up the space".

3. "We do not want to put in any more money than we have to" 

Hiring Realty Stager is keeping you on track to not overspending. Most sellers do some minor changes prior to putting their houses on the market. And most sellers make very costly mistakes doing this without professional knowledge and advice. One client of mine thought that Home Staging was going to cost about $10K, why? Because she thought her carpets would hinder the sale of her house and she was going to replace the carpet in all rooms of her 1300 sq ft house. Thank goodness her husband called before that happened! A good steam cleaning and her carpet was as good as new. Now we were able add a High End appearance to the kitchen with some very cost effective changes.



4.   "I've seen that on HGTV"

Yes, I've seen it too! It has been a good advertisement tool to get the word out about Staging, however, like all TV shows it is entertainment. After watching ER I am not anymore qualified to operate than the actors portraying Doctors. However, unlike a TV Doctor, I can operate on your House and give it an entire "facelift". Certified in Interior Decorating gives me the experience, the knowledge and the creativity to turn any house into a Showcase.

 5.   "I'll ask my Realtor when I get the house looked at"

There are many changes that you could implement prior to your Realtor listing your house. This will also help your listing price and how quickly you can get it on the market. Get your house ready to be viewed by 80% of the online buyers.

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Elise, Thank you for doing such a great job! We really love it. It was worth it! Marge and Ron-Sicklerville

Everything looks great, I can not believe the way it all came together. Thanks, I would give you a reference any time. Michele-Bordentown

You have such enthusiasm and are so eager to help. Thanks!

You are very talented.

Elise, thanks for helping us make our house look so great.


Preparing your Real Estate to Sell!