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Get to Know Erik Sale

We are a real estate investment company. We buy and sell cash flow properties in the top recovering foreclosure markets in the country. We do this for profit, and we do it with integrity, honesty, and smart simple business practices that benefit all those involved with every transaction. Whether you're a beginning investor or seasoned professional, you probably realize the most important factors determining your success are your ability to find good deals quickly, and have the appropriate team of people to execute a profitable resolution. This is who we are and what we do!

Our Guarantee

Your transactions are the most simple, fast, and profitable way to buy turn-key cash flow properties, or we will buy them back and pay your closing costs!


EZ Cash Flow

One year guaranteed cash flow! This is what we do best. Complete turn-key real estate investing! Your new cash flow properties have already been purchased, rehabbed, and rented or are rent-ready with professional property management in place. The houses you will purchase are priced at 60-80% of today’s appraised value. Our turn-key cash flow properties are near zero maintenance, as repairs are complete, the home is certified, and the construction is guaranteed for one year. Your cash flow properties are performing when you buy them as we guarantee the cash flow for the first year whether the tenants stay or go. 

EZ Wholesale

Our pre-qualified cash flow properties are deals we will do, if you do not. All properties are either under contract, or owned by our EZKey members. These deals will not last. We either sell them fast, to you, or someone else, or we begin construction for ourselves. We provide inexpensive wholesale deals that need less that 25K in work per unit. We have internal relationships with dozens of local and national banks and have the bandwidth to purchase multiple properties per week. You get $20K minimum equity after your repairs. We make a little and move a lot for short term money and long term investor relationships. Ask for referrals for lenders, contractors, property managers, or whatever you need. Let us do the work for you! You buy it. Hire us to evaluate it, fix it, rent it, and even sell it for you! Only a small fee for our local knowledge, experienced professional teams, and your piece of mind and assured profit.


Purchase, Rehab, Rent, Refi, is our system hand carried and delivered to you. All you need is short term cash and decent credit. We consult with you and inject you into a working model, using our knowledge and local power teams to do all the leg work, purchase, inspections, rehab, advertising, tenant, management, etc allowing you to refinance out, all investment dollars, plus tax free cash (when available). The result: a FREE HOUSE, conservatively leveraged, tax free cash in hand, solid equity, and monthly cash flow. Time period: start to finish 90 days. There is no better way to buy turn-key real estate.

Step 1: You complete our buyer application and sign our consulting agreement.

Step 2: We buy a house for you, using short term cash.

Step 3: We rehab the house on your behalf and place the home under management.

Step 4: You refinance the property, in 90 days, get all your cash back, tax free money out, a house that cash flows, and $15-25K in equity/net worth. You are left with your money in your pocket…tax free flow…equity, and a free house.

Step 5: You repeat the process 10 times per year. (x10 years =20K per month passive, 1M cash out, 2M net worth).

EZ Returns and EZ Notes

You get fast, high returns, up to 34% on cash invested in our turn-key real estate buying system. The perfect solution for the investor who has little interest in buying our boring, safe, and affordable little properties, but know there is no better time in history to be buying real estate. Investors capitalize with a guaranteed monthly return, and their investments are secured by a property or properties inside our performing portfolio. EZ Returns is about short term investing and long term relationships. Investors earn up to 12% interest on short term money borrowed for acquisitions and repairs. All investments are conservatively secured by real estate equity and income. Investor accounts, earnings, and payment are viewable 24 hrs a day through our online private and secure investor login. EZ Notes is your opportunity to own first position pre-qualified mortgage notes that are performing and double secured. You get a 10% return immediately upon purchase and collect 8%-9.5% interest payments for up to 30 years with the option of a short term balloon.

Step 1: We sell one of our performing turn-key cash flow properties, to a qualified investor by creating a private mortgage note. The property is sold under value, and is double secured by the buyer’s credit as well as the cash flow of the performing property.

Step 2: You purchase the mortgage note at a 10% instant discount, and immediately begin collecting principle and interest payments at a fixed interest rate. You are still owed and collect payment on the original amount of the loan, even though you purchased it at a discount. A sale results in the payout of 10% instant profit plus the interest you were paid monthly.

Step 3: Own long term double secured streams of cash flow with no tenants, no toilets, and no turn-over. To get started today, call us and ask about available notes for purchase.

Our Guarantee

Your transactions are the most simple, fast, and profitable way to buy turn-key cash flow properties, or we will buy them back and pay your closing costs!


A real estate investment company, providing affordable turn-key properties, rehabbed, rented, and managed, with guaranteed cash flow for one year. The most simple, fast and profitable way to buy!