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Attention all Agents and brokers! We are here to help you close your deals! When you list a home, call us to get the home ready with all the usual repairs needed to make it sparkle on pictures and in person. Then when you get that dreaded 40+ page inspection report and the buyer is waffling, send it to us and we can get you "realistic" numbers on really needs to be done and nothing more. With a good inspector and detailed report, we can do that over the phone and email you an estimate same day without having to have you meet us at the property!!! We can also help in explaining that to both the buyer and seller to help get both to understand and move forward with your deal. If the home does not sell, neither of us make any money. Let us serve you in helping close now.


Home and Building Maintenance Services in Western WA

•·       Handyman Services

•·       Home Maintenance Programs

•·       Remodeling

•·       General Contractor

•·       Carpentry

•·       Tenant Improvements

•·       Additions

•·       Roofing

•·       Skylights

•·       Painting

•·       Electrical

•·       Plumbing

•·       Concrete Foundations, Patios, Sidewalks

•·       Tile

•·       Decks

•·       Fences

•·       Flooring

•·       Drainage Systems

•·       Insurance Repairs - Tree, Wind,  Water

•·       House Cleaning

•·       Final Cleaning - Trash Outs

•·       Pressure Washing

•·       Window Washing

•·       Carpet Cleaning

•·       Fire & Flood Restoration

•·       Pest & Rodent Control

•·       Landscaping - Maintenance

•·       Septic Systems

•·       Home Inspection Services

•·       Senior Transition Assistance

•·       Move Outs - Estates

•·       HVAC

We got you covered... 


Licensed, Bonded and Insured


License # WEHONHD895C3


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