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Linda Olson
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Get to Know Linda Olson

I am proud to say that I hang my license with D. Basile Real Estate, LLC.  DB Real Estate is a fairly new company brokered by a very experienced commercial realtor whose past careers included appraising.  I specialize in all areas of commercial real estate throughout Brevard County.  This includes assisting sellers to lease or sell their property, assisting buyers in leasing or purchasing, working with investors to find the right property for their purposes, and especially assisting both buyers and sellers with vacant land.  After a previous, 21-year career as an environmental consultant I can evaluate vacant land to assist sellers in determining the percent of their property that is buildable and to set a competitive price that takes into account what a buyer may need to do to develop the land.  In addition, I can help buyers to negotiate a better price on vacant land as I can help them to determine what it will take to develop a parcel that needs environmental studies, may have impacts, and  requires mitigation.  I believe this makes me a very unique real estate agent, one that has expertise that few others do.

I am also a DBPR certified continuing education instructor.  I have written and currently teach courses throughout Florida at the different boards of realtors on Environmental Issues and how they relate to real estate transactions and also on Making Green by Selling "Green" by Teaching you Customers to Embrace a "Green" Lifestyle.


Although I am comfortable working in all areas of commercial real estate, my specialty would have to be dealing with vacant land or other types of properties that might have environmental problems associated with it.  I have a Master's degree in Ecology and 21 years of a prior career as an environmental consultant.  I have assisted developers and land owners to identify potential environmental issues on a property, to study these issues, and to develop a site plan that will allow development to proceed while also addressing the environmental problems.  I am familiar with development costs associated with environmental problems on a site such as mitigation costs and also in evaluating the value of land with regards to what might be reasonably expected to be buildable.  I have extensive experience working with local governments, county personnel, and state and federal permitting agencies and know many of the local agency representatives.  I know a lot about zoning and am excellent at photo-interpretation.  All of the skills I developed through school and 21 years in my previous career are directly applicable to real estate and, I believe, has made me a very unique commercial real estate agent.


I am a commercial realtor working all of Brevard County Florida. After a previous career as an environmental consultant I offer unique expertise to the real estate field, especially vacant land.