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My approach in real estate is vastly different than that of most agents.  You are not going to find pictures of my family on my website.  You're not going to find life stories about how I met my wife or our first date together.  You will not find stories about all of my accomplishments or all of the sales awards I've won throughout my career.  You may wonder why none of these things are listed on my website.  There is a simple answer...they're not remotely relevant to your real estate needs.  While I'm certainly not trying to de-humanize myself, at all, I just don't feel the need to brag about who I am or what I've accomplished.  You'll never hear me ask you for referrals, because I learned many years ago that when you do a good job for someone, the referrals simply follow and asking for them has always seemed a bit tacky to me.  I'm not the agent whose picture you'll find plastered all over shopping carts at your local supermarket and I won't even allow my company to print my picture on my business card.  I'm not in this industry to feed my ego.  I do what I do because I'm immensely passionate about working as an advocate on behalf of all of my clients.  It's about each client's needs and desires...not about some artificial "branding strategy".  The service I provide is the only "branding" I've ever had to rely upon.  Because I've never lost sight of the fact that all real estate agents work in sales and ultimately do have to sell himself or herself and his or her competency, I am all too eager to answer the question "Why Should I Hire You"?  See my response below:


I'm glad you asked.  Obviously, there are many REALTORS® to choose from when deciding to list your home for sale, or purchase a home.  If you visit most REALTORS'® websites, you will find that most of them are plastered with personal photographs, and stories about how wonderful they are, and all the awards they've won.  Even though I've won my share of sales awards, you'll never find me bragging about them on my website or when we meet, in person to discuss your real estate transaction.  I believe that my awards and my family's pictures are irrelevant to what you, my client, is trying to accomplish.  You'll never find my picture on billboards or on your supermarket shopping cart.  I will never give you some cheesy line about how "the best compliment you can pay me is the referral of your family and friends".  Simply put, I have zero desire to contribute to the absurdity and narcissism that is so prevalent in the real estate profession.  My goal is for you to always be looking forward to your next real estate transaction.

My business philosophy is diametrically opposed to that of most REALTORS®.  I have never believed that a real estate transaction is about me.  It is always about my client and their needs.  I believe that a prospective client who is selling a home wants to know how much their home is worth, how much it is going to cost them to sell their home (i.e. how much is my commission), and finally, what I am going to do to ensure that their house sells, for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time.  I believe that a prospective client who is purchasing a home wants to know that I will devote all of my time and attention to finding the house that is right for them and their lifestyle.  When they want to see a property, I will not pass them off to someone else or ask them to go see the property on their own, and then simply call me if they want to write an offer.  It's simply not the way I do business.  Furthermore, I believe my clients want me to keep them informed at every stage, throughout their home buying or home selling process, and not just disappear on them, after they have signed a contract for me to represent their best interests.

I am here to help two parties (buyer and seller) find each other and complete a transaction with a minimum of stress and frustration. Buying and selling homes are emotional experiences, and I'm here throughout the process to ensure that you make prudent decisions.  Your real estate agent should not stand in the way of your transaction, and I never will!  I am a fierce advocate for my clients. My job is to obtain the best price, terms and conditions for MY client, not to worry about the other parties' preferences or feelings. But, I find that real estate transactions are far more satisfying to both parties when closing is a pleasant experience for everyone.  Whether you're purchasing a home for $100K or $1M, I will treat you with the respect that you deserve.  The size of my commission check has never dictated the level of service that I provide to each of my clients.  The purchase of your first or next home, or the sale of your current home is every bit as important to me as it is to you.  Even if you've been frustrated working with real estate agents in the past, I am committed to proving to you that we are not all wired alike. 

I truly appreciate your business.

I look forward to helping make your next real estate transaction a pleasant and painless

experience!  I can also promise you that I'll have as much fun as you'll have searching for your first or next home!






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Assistant Vice President - New England Region