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Get to Know Ed Nailor

love what I do and take great satisfaction in helping others acheive their goals.

I have worked in the areas of finance and money for many years and have always believed in serving my client's interests over mine. As a mortgage loan specialist, it is my goal to help find you the best solution for your mortgage and financial needs. Working with several lenders across the nation, I have access to hundreds of mortgage programs... some of which are only available on a wholesale basis! Allowing me to work for you will save you the time, frustration and headache of calling 50 lenders and getting 100 different solutions for your one problem. Let me use my experience and expertise to help you.

I have developed a couple websites to help provide more information about myself and also the mortage process. For more information about me or my company, please visit http://www.ednailor.com/. If you are a first time home buyer, or have credit issues, you may want to visit http://www.droprent.com/.

That's just a brief description of me professionally. But that's not all of who I am. 

I have been a Charlotte area resident since 1999 and absolutely love the area. I am married and have 3 wonderful kids. We attend church at Harrison United Methodist Church in Pineville. Some of my personal interests include whitewater rafting, playing the drums and playing poker. I enjoy good conversation, especially with folks that have an open mind. Of course, there is more to me than this, but that doesn't leave much fun in getting to know someone, now does it? I also love good coffee, if you'd like to grab a cup some day!

So in light of that, I look forward to meeting and getting to know you!


Our Mission:

We are dedicated to educating, inspiring and assisting in the American Dream.

Our Core Values:

Positive Results : We believe in creating a "win-win" situation for everyone involved in anything we touch. Our goal is to create positive results for all. High Standards : We believe that we must continue to set the Standards in the mortgage industry in the Charlotte, NC metropolitan market. Our hope is that we can raise the bar across the country. Integrity : We believe you should do what is right, every time, regardless of personal gain or loss. Trust : We believe that trust is a precious commodity that is earned and given. We stand fast in our dedication to protecting the trust of our clients and partners at all times. Communication : We believe it is best to communicate at all times in an open and understanding way. Education : We believe our job is to help our clients and partners understand the complexities of the mortgage process, through education and the setting of reasonable expectations from the beginning. Follow Through : We believe that we must follow through on all areas from start to finish, and that in the end me must deliver the most stress free solutions for our clients and partners. Flexibility : We believe that we are in an industry that requires flexibility and thinking that steps "outside the box." We are always seeking fresh ideas and perspectives, which usually keeps us ahead of the curve. Worthy of Referral : It is our highest belief that a referral is the strongest endorsement possible and will do everything within our power to foster an environment that encourages referrals from our clients and partners.

When Time and Money Really Matter... Trust the experts of the Ed Nailor Mortgage Team!

The Ed Nailor Mortgage Team is part of 1st Metropolitan Mortgage, a national mortgage broker licensed in 48 states. Our team has access to hundreds of mortgage loan programs, all at wholesale rates. This means that on average we can offer you better pricing and better service than the "big banks". And with our flexible options, you are not stuck with only a handful of products that most "big banks" are limited to.


Dedicated to educating, inspiring and assisting in the American Dream. When time and money really matter, let me help you in Pineville, NC. Visit EdNailor.com or 704-651-8704