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Elizabeth Rose
Certified Mortgage Planning Spec - Texas
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Get to Know Elizabeth Rose

Elizabeth Rose is educating people about the mortgage market and provide expert mortgage advice.  As a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist in the Denton County, Texas marketplace,  She has been assisting people with their financing for over 20 years.  In addition Elizabeth Rose is the VP of Business Development, Sales and Training for the Mortgage Market Guide, the industry's premier provider of real time Mortgage Bond Market information, accurate forecasting, expert advice, and educated insight to Mortgage Professionals. 

But what does all that really mean? 

"I have my hand on the pulse of the industry and the mortgage market offering extensive experience and intensive knowledge.  I make it my business to stay informed of changing market trends and developments as well as provide solutions in those changing times," says Elizabeth.




Elizabeth Rose has pretty much have a tell-it-like-it-is style.  "I don't enjoy "selling" or being "sold to" so I treat people the same way.  I'm forthright and want everyone I work with to feel comfortable telling me "no". "

Many great resources and support  are at Elizabeth's fingertips and she leverages those into her business marketing.  Both business relationship partners and clients seem to appreciate the useful information she passes along as well as staying connected long after the transaction has closed.  If you  would like to receive her Weekly mortgage e-news?  If so, just send me an email to Elizabeth@ElizabethRoseOnline.com.

Elizabeth Rose is a solution seeker.  As themortgage industry continues to redefine itself, it is more essential than ever before for mortgage professionals to be able to present solutions.  Changes in FHA, the recent HR Bill's, changing guidelines, loan modifications, and more, are the essential knowledge today's mortgage professional needs to understand and be prepared to explain.

Elizabeth Rose is optimistic.  Times are changing, but it isn't doom and gloom.  Just listen to Warren Buffett.  This is a great time in the market.  Housing is beginning to stablize and interest rates are still very attractive and affordable.  By the way, Echo Boomers are just beginning to enter the First Time Homebuyer market and there are approximately 70 million of them coming over the course of the next several years! 

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Elizabeth has over 25 years in the financial and mortgage industry. In tune with the mortgage market, she provides refreshing, unrivaled knowledge leveraging expert resources and delivering results.