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Edwin Gerace
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Get to Know Edwin Gerace

Edwin Gerace is an agent that has been in the business for cloose to 10 years, he has been involved of all levels of involvment of Local and State Real Estate Issues and Committees.  Edwin has used his involvment with the community to make him self very marketable.  Edwin Believes in two phylosifies 1) Be Seen 2) See.  Edwin has used many simple things to help people remember him "Call Him 803-609-SOLD" Visit his site "www.609sold.com or email him at Mail@609sold.com IT all says 609osld  Let him show you how your listing will be on the list of 609-SOLD

Edwin loves Lexington, that is where he lives with his family and plays and raises his daughter.  Allyson his wife and his daughter love lexington too.


Marketing Statement

My Marketing plan is to take my clients product and maximize all feasible marketing platforms for their product.  I believe optimum exposure for my clients.  This is accomplished with many separate means of marketing from mass mailing, print media, web presence, networking, co-brokers, and sphere of influence.   Typically I take my clients product and discover their buyer.  Then I customize the correct media for them. 

Example of a typical home marketing plan. First discover correct market price, verifying volume in that price range with expectations of sales, communicating with client statistics of time on market, average list price vs. sale price, and competition.  Then I would customize the buyer profile to the marketing.  Internet exposure is becoming paramount to reaching the most prospects in the shortest time.  I make sure that my entire inventory has pictures and accurate descriptions and directions and price for all internet buyers to have available.   With the internet most people fail to make available all of the pertinent information and in one click they are gone, so you have one chance to show them.   While the internet is strong the buyer that drives around looking for property is very resourceful, they are stopping and looking and are quick to judge.  So having a color flyer with all information is a must.  Again This buyer is like the Internet buyer they are gone in seconds, so having all the information they want is crucial and being accessible to them is a must.  I then follow up my marketing with word of mouth marketing by networking 100% of the time giving information about my products to everyone I come in contact with.  I then follow network marketing up with print mediums, from newspaper, magazine, billboards, brochures and any that fit the client's buyer. 

Finally I feel that with my marketing my homes with high internet exposure, on site information, easy access to me (609-SOLD), print mediums, and full time networking that my clients feel that have received maximum exposure.  With maximum exposure you give your clients what they deserve, results.   And that is why "With Ed You Win", Call Edwin.


Edwin Gerace with Russell and Jeffcoat Realtors offers buyer and sellers services. Visit www.EdwinGerace.com