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Hard work?  Truthfullness?  Dedication?  Attention to Detail?  These are the things that set me from any other agent in the Hot Springs market.  I strive to provide the kind of service you want....the very BEST!  I've called Hot Springs home since 1980, grew up and graduated high school here, and now I am raising my family here.  I think Hot Springs is one of the best kept "secrets" in the south.  I want to help you see and understand why I know you'll fall in love with the area.  I want to be your REALTOR!

We have a lot to offer the individual or the family, young or old. Go hiking in some of the most unspoiled natural beauty the USA has to offer.  Stroll through historic downtown to absorb the local music, the diverse and international art scene, or check out the huge selection of shops and attractions.  Visit the only city inside a National Park, and the history and diversity only add to the allure of Hot Springs.  You could enjoy the Ouachita National Forest, get away from it all and camp on one of the many islands on Lake Ouachita, go mountain biking on some of the most challenging terrain in the state, or relax in a thermal bath in one of Hot Springs luxourious spas or bathhouses.   In case thats not enough, there's a lot of history here to learn and absorb, so much you could spend a lifetime trying to learn it trip just isn't enough, that's why you MUST consider a move to Hot Springs. 

Maybe its time to consider a vacation or second home.  Arkansas has some of the lowest property taxes in the country.  Hot Springs is one of the most desired and talked about retirement communities in the United States, all that and there's plenty to do to keep family and friends entertained year after year! One of the nations top retirement destinations, Hot Springs offers the perfect lifestyle for the best years of life.  As Arkansas' premiere resort community, it's hard to find time to get everything done, but don't just look at it as a vacation destination, look at it as home away from home.  A place you'll want to come back to again and again. 

Of course we offer fun too!  From swimming and boating, wakeboarding, skiing, or just cruising admiring the sunsets of our pristine lakes; a "duck" ride on both land and water; a view from atop the Mountain Tower; to the world renouned Documentary Film Festival there is always something exciting and invigorating going on!  Be sure to check out Magic Springs/Crystal Falls family amusement park (home to some the country's best roller coasters) as they offer a great lineup of concerts all summer long in a clean, family oriented atmosphere.  Hot Springs offers a wide variety of family and nightlife entertainment, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Quite simply, there may be no better place to call home.  Come see why I think you'll fall in love with Hot Springs just like I did, and stay a while to see just what this neat little town has to offer to you! Come see why I think you should call Hot Springs home, and why I want to be your REALTOR.


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We specialize in everything real estate.  We simply know how to handle it all, and our promise to you is top quality service on any type property, big or small, rural to downtown Central Avenue.  View all the MLS listings  Call Today and find out where some homes not on MLS are!  Maybe your dream home is out there, just harder to find.  WE use all avenues possible to find the right home for you.  Don't be fooled, there's more than just the MLS out there!

1031 Tax Free Exchange??  Market Value??  Will it cost me anything to buy a home??  What does it do for me??  First time buyer??  Where do I start??  What Tax write-offs do I get?  What's a Homestead Exemption?  One visit to our website, and you can get answers to all these questions and more.  We always say, ''There is no DUMB question in Real Estate."

Just want an honest answer to a question about your home's value, or want to know what the house down the street sold for?

Call or click today and get no pressure answers to your questions.  I'm backed by one of the most capable and advanced office support staffs, and headed by two of the areas premeire real estate brokers, so If I don't have the answer, I will get it. 


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