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Mary Beth Erickson
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Get to Know Mary Beth Erickson

Dragonfly Distinctive Home Services is a collection of service professionals that specialize in Home Staging, ReDesign, Handyman consultations and repairs, as well as home inspections.

We work in New Jersey in the following areas:  Sussex ,Passaic, Bergen, Morris, Warren and Mercer Counties

We work in Pennsylvania in the following area : Pike County

We work in NY state in the following areas: Hudson Valley, Orange County


Mary Beth Erickson is proud to be an HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner.  The HSR Certification program is accredited by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) — the only third-party governing association for the home staging industry—and the first and one of the only truly accredited staging training course available for the staging industry.

Mary Beth’s broad and varied work experience combined with her strong entrepreneurial spirit led to her career in home staging.  In fact, she was born into a family of self-starters and entrepreneurs.  Mary Beth’s grandmother was the owner and operator of The Old China Shop—a very successful antique business—and her parents owned Ejack Woodworking —a woodworking and cabinetry shop, where Mary Beth spent many summers making bongos for Latin Percussion.  From there, Mary Beth spent time learning the retail industry where she worked in sales and designed many store windows, including for Lens Crafters, one of leading optical retailers in the country. 

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Broadcasting, Mary Beth made her entry into the video production and television world —eventually leading to her position as creative director and project manager, organizing large scale productions and managing multiple vendors simultaneously.  It was here that she discovered her passion for photography, set design and props where she daily tackled the job of designing sets and backgrounds for the very specific, unforgiving eye of the high-definition camera —a job she found both challenging and exhilarating.  As a homeowner herself who had to stage her own properties for rental and sale—she realized home staging was a natural progression from designing and “dressing” a set for the camera—to transforming homes for sellers.  This passion became the jumping off point for her career in home staging —which includes all the aspects of production she most loves:  creativity, design, trouble shooting, making the most out of sometimes very small budgets, and helping people reach their goals.  She personally understands the great need for a seller to stand out in the real estate market, find reliable craftsmen for repairs and services—and give each client the competitive edge they need to showcase their home in the best possible light. Recognizing all the skills she acquired over the years since working in her parents’ shop—and the talents and passions she discovered and honed during her years in video production and television, Dragonfly Distinctive Home Services was born.


Why has Mary Beth chosen the Dragonfly to represent all that her home staging business has to offer?   Throughout history, the dragonfly has symbolized many qualities —all of which run parallel to a successful home staging:

The Dragonfly’s scurried flight across water represents the act of going beyond
what is seen on the surface —and looking into deeper implications: 
We transform homes.

The Dragonfly symbolizes maturity and depth of character: 
We bring vast experience to all your needs.

The Dragonfly represents power and poise: 
We give you the power to stand out in the market.

The Dragonfly can travel at amazing speeds of up to 45 miles per hour: 
We prepare your home for a quick and profitable sale.

The Dragonfly’s wings and body represents its ability to show itself in different colors depending on angle and light: 
We will make your home beautiful by accenting the positive.

In Japan the dragonfly is admired and respected by the Samurai as a symbol of power, agility and victory. In China, the dragonfly is associated with prosperity, harmony and as a good luck charm. 

Dragonfly Distinctive Home Services hopes to become the “good luck charm” and valued partner to every single one of our clients.

Contact Dragonfly Distinctive Home Services today and let us make your home irresistible.


I'm a HSR Certified Professional Home Stager and Redesigner. I have completed the most comprehensive home staging certification course in the country, provided by the Home Staging Resource.