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Should the time come when your seller is in a pre-foreclosure or foreclosure predicament, call us. We are leading experts in supporting you while negotiating a short sale. Usually, your seller:

•Remains in their house during the short sale process. •Has any auction date postponed until resolution of the negotiations. •Walks away with no further financial obligations. •Has a smaller reduction in credit score than with a foreclosure.   Short Sale Specialists

Distinguished Property Solutions is a leading short sale specialist company that is made up of two divisions. One sector of DPS works with homeowners of properties in pre-foreclosure and/or with their real estate agent. The other sector specializes in the sale of properties in pre-foreclosure. Although we specialize in luxury homes, we will also acquire properties that we have determined to be an attractive acquisition for investors or buyers looking for a primary residence.


What We Do

Distinguished Property Solutions (DPS) assists homeowners by negotiating down the liens that have been placed on their home. We work with home owners who owe more than their home is worth in their particular real estate market. In paralell, DPS assists in locating a buyer for their property. It creates a win-win situation for both parties by presenting the homeowner an option before their property is foreclosed upon, and by achieving the criteria of the buyer.

The key to our process is to compel the lender(s) to work with us rather than take the home into foreclosure. This is accomplished by a structured process that includes these steps and the expertise of our legal support team and full-time mitigators. Our legal counsel sends all documents to the seller and works with the seller. After execution, we conduct a detailed home inspection. When our property analysis is completed, we send a comprehensive offer package to the various lien holders. Each offer is tailored to satisfy the lender's guidelines and process. We follow up with all lien holder(s), handle final negotiations, and conduct the closing.

We are professional, confidential, and sensitive to the situation. Call us for a private consultation. We also negotiate properties that are over-levereged where the owners are not late on their payments.



How We Do It

The core of a successful result is not brilliant negotiation with lien holder(s) at the end of the foreclosure process, as thought by most title companies and attorneys. The core of a successful result is establishing the best negotiating position at the beginning of the process, and then executing a consistent, proven negotiating strategy founded on detailed knowledge of the lender(s) or other lien holder(s) involved.

• Our combination of home inspection, home evaluation, proven initial offer package, and professional negotiations is exceptional. • We are successful with preparations, consistency and experience. Any other approach is, at best, a controlled loss.


Should you have a buyer who may be interested in the incredible values available in purchasing a pre-foreclosure or foreclosure property in New York or other states, we have excellent opportunities available.

•Sometimes luxury homes are available with furniture and/or boats. •Properties are always offered well below market value. •Purchases are "As is with Right to Inspect". •Transaction can be for cash, or involve a mortgage.



We are a short sale specialist company that works w/homeowners and their real estate agents to purchase and sell their over leveraged home.