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                                             Heath Care Access CT - Obamacare


Lead  Consulting Firm trained and certified to host presentation and enrollments for Health Care Access CT insurance options.

Starting October 1st, 2013, Connecticut residents and business owners will have health insurance options  they have never had before. Access Health CT is Connecticut’s new health insurance marketplace. It offers individuals, families and small employers a range of qualified health care coverage options from health insurance carriers and public health care programs. Federal health reform law requires that states have a “health insurance exchange” (marketplace) in place by January 1, 2014. Access Health CT is the only place in Connecticut where people and small businesses can get help with their health insurance costs, if they qualify.


                                                               Realtor Kiosk

Leverage Enterprises is the owner and Tool Developer for 

                                               Health Care Access CT-Obamacare

The Parker Wright Group & Leverage Enterprises Consulting 

Are community based consulting services who have completed training and certification to be Assister by the Access to Health Care CT

          * Servicing Small Businesses located  in Connecticut's Fairfield County *

                     Contact: Assister, Doreen Abubakar, Leverage Enterprises 

      Contact info: Email:     Tel: 203-819-8398




 Approved Access Health CT Assisters -Trained and certified to provide confidential, fair and impartial access to services and information on be-half of AHCT. We promote CT Health Access, host in-person presentations and assist small businesses and the self employed  to apply and enroll in AHCT programs. visit offical site ACCESS HEALTH CT

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  • New Haven, CT
  • Waterbury, CT
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  • CT Obamacare Educator
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