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Real estate is more than pretty homes and views. As real estate professionals, we will provide you with all the information you need to make an intelligent decision, in addition to an emotional one. Before writing offers, we need to know taxes and association dues, but also we need to know about the seller. How long has the home been on the market? How much do they owe? Why are they selling? If it's a bank, we need to also know what they foreclosed for and how long ago. We use this information as well as recent comparable sales and current active listings to determine a fair value for the home and our negotiation approach.

In the present market, it is more important than ever that we not over pay for any property. We need to consider the loan terms, tax benefits and costs of ownership in making an informed decision that will provide the new homeowner peace of mind and years of satisfaction.

A home is the most important purchase most people make. Sometimes the perfect home is the first place we see, sometimes it takes months and even years to find the right place. 

I specialize with both Buyers and Sellers. I enjoy all sides of the transaction process and this keeps me on the cutting edge of changes that continue in this business. My goal in working my business is first to educate my client in todays market. Buyer's and Seller's learn after the first meeting with me that I will be giving them 110%. As a successful agent part of the package my clients get when hiring me is experience in negotiating with banks on short sales, bank foreclosures, and agents.

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Doris Monticone, CRS., GRI.



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I specialize with Buyer's and Seller's. In today's market having a great lender with the best terms and financing is imperative.