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As an Air Force brat I moved 26 times before I turned 18--Kindergarten in Germany, grade school in Japan and graduated high school in Tripoli, Libya (Before Kadaffi) at Wheelus Air Force Base.  Joined the Navy in 1962, became a medical corpsman and was transferred to the Marine Corps as a combat medic in 1966.  Bout the only saving grace was when we were going through advanced infantry training, I happened to beat out a Marine company at the rifle range with a borrowed rifle.  After that, the platoon commander came up to me and said, "Doc, until somebody gets hit, you're a Marine and they issued me a rifle and I became the platoon sharpshooter.  Went to Viet Nam in 1966 and after 13 months and three days flew back to the world.  After my discharge, went to UCSD and got a BA in sociology and later a masters degree in psychology.  Worked in this field for about 25 years, the last 8 as an involuntary commitment officer.

I am a social chameleon in that I can relate to just about anybody due to my travels and education.  I consider this a valuable asset as a Realtor due to the tremendous variety of folks we meet and can work equally well with blue collar professions as well as lawyers and doctors.


Probably the best skill I have is being an active listener.  I have found over the years that listening is a skill I developed in my previous position as a psychologist and have honed that skill to deal with the subtlies of working with both buyers and sellers.

I tend to specialize in waterfront properties as I have lived on Case Inlet for over ten years and appreciate being on the water.  This gives me some additional insight into some of the nuances of dealing with high end buyers and sellers.  Although in all fairness I believe that regardless of the value of the property in question, I like to think that the level of service I provide is equal across the entire spectrum of clientele.


I've been working as a realtor since May, 1998 and really like it. Prior to this I was a Master's level psychologist with a euphamistic title of "Brain Cop", crisis intervention/ commitment officer.