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Money Talks, LLC works with individual Real Estate Investors, Mortgage Professionals, Real Estate Agents, and Lending Institutions who need short term financing for a real estate transaction.  Our financing area is  limited to the state of Connecticut.  Because we are a private money lender and have a pool of individual investors to procure capital from.   The process of obtaining a loan from Money Talks, LLC is in most cases much easier than borrowing from a traditional lender. Money Talks, LLC  has the ability to lend on many different types of Real Estate transactions.  We have a great deal of flexibility in regards to transaction type, LTV, Terms and interest rate.  To see if your deal qualifies for funding with us please visit our Loan Submission page and provide all of the necessary information we need to determine if we can finance your project. We do not have the time consuming restrictions of a traditional lender that can keep a loan in underwriting for month’s on end.  Our process is designed for the borrower that needs to move quickly without to many restraints on how and when the funds can be used. Feel free to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information regarding Money Talks. LLC.



With private money instead of a conventional loan is often much easier, especially if you are a private investor, you have to work with over and over again. You can have a tremendous amount of time and effort if you do not have the mountain of documents and prepare for a conventional loan.

he main difference between a bank and a private investor, that the latter is much more flexibility than a bank. If you borrow money from a private investor money is their main concern, whether the loans they make a profit. While a bank will do full credit checks, and watch your background in detail, the private investor is to focus on the details of the transaction that you have compiled. Its focus will be what you’re plans for the implementation of the real estate deal and try to understand what happens in the real estate transaction with them.

The other big advantage with a private investor money is the time frame for securing the financing. While a bank may up to 30 or even 60 days for a loan by a private lender can often be financed very quickly done. If you share a deal for a property on Flip, with private funding provides a much faster completion of the project, so you can move on the next transaction. Sourcing Private investors money Finding money to support private investors with real estate deals, is one of the first things you need to have under control.



We are a private lender in located in Connecticut. We have a combined 12 years of experience in the lending field. We want to fund your loan!