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Dean Guadagni
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Business Director: Inner Architect

Our mission is to help you and your company utilize Web 2.0 and social media tools:

To get close to your customers Engage with your target audience Succeed in building a vibrant community or professional network

We recommend, execute and teach strategies for marketing, business development, customer service, reputation management, product development and professional development. We also work with companies to integrate Web 2.0 to improve operational efficiencies and internal communications. Our services include:

Social media Diagnostic analysis Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging plans customized to your business needs Training, workshops, and webinars Social media Planning Blog Setup and technical strategies

My duties at Inner Architect also include representing author Susan Hanshaw, her book "Inner Architect: How to Build the Life You Were Designed to Live", and support the social media strategies consulting for our firm. In addition I support our efforts as a workshop facilitator, public speaker, and blog writer for our web-blogsite innerarchitect.com.

Breaking Napa Valley News

Our latest project is in conjunction with Domus Consulting Group's Breaking News Project: BreakingNapaValleyNews.com . We run one of the 1st sites to stream and scroll live Twitter feeds into a website on everything Napa Valley. As Content Manager for the site, I implement, announce, connect, and provide information for the site and our audience

Dean Guadagni has 20+ years of business development, sales management, and national account management experience. Dean is a social media and blog consultant as well as the author of a nationally recognized real estate business guide. As a freelance business self-help writer recognized on a national level,Dean’s articles have been published by Reuters.com, Nielsen.com, FoxBusiness.com, Ziff Davis Enterprise’s “Microsoft Watch”, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

An expert in online and real world networking, Dean is our networking keynote speaker. Dean is a 1984 graduate of San Francisco State University with a BS degree in Speech Communications.




Domus is a management consulting firm working together with real estate brokerages, media/publishing companies, title insurance companies, venture investors, and Web 2.0 companies to develop technology marketing strategies in real estate. We believe Web 2.0 is creating a sea change in real estate marketing. Web 1.0 spawned the ubiquitous broker and agent websites that deliver one-way information to the consumer. Web 2.0, encompassing what is now known as the Social Media, encompasses the blogs, the social networks and other online applications that promote direct dialogue between the real estate professional and consumer. We see blogging as a proven method for developing online presence to attract search engine, leads and client traffic. We've been advocates, coaches and thought leaders on the Social Media as demonstrated on blogs Transparent Real Estate and 3 Oceans Real Estate.

Dean Guadagni is an affiliate to Domus Consulting Group and the author of nationally recognized San Francisco real estate blog deansguide.

As a contributor to Blogburst syndication and free lance service, Guadagni has over 100 articles published in major global media publications Reuters.com, Nielsen.com as well as nationally recognized sites FoxBusiness.com, the Chicago Sun-Times publications, and a number of NBC affiliates on the east coast.



I am Business Director for Inner Architect a social media consulting agency. Our services include agency duties running your marketing efforts on all social platforms, consulting, and training.