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1921 Lohman's Crossing, Ste. 100

Austin , TX 78734

I have over 15 years of experience helping sellers in the Austin area get top price for their homes. I've also helped hundreds of buyers purchase the home of their dreams.

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I have been in the real estate business for over 10 years and have helped hundreds of buyers and sellers in the Austin/Central Texas area.  I am a former school teacher and assistant principal, and this background helps me to educate both buyers and sellers so that they can make the best choices during the home selling and purchasing process.  My love of learning has helped me absorb a tremendous amount of knowledge about the local market, the sales process and the housing inventory.  I sometimes joke that I've seen every floor plan in Austin.  As far as credentials, I guess the one I'm most proud of is the Certified Negotiation Expert designation.  Negotiation is so important whether a real estate agent is representing the buyer or the seller.  I also feel that my broker designation and my experience as the owner of a small real estate office for several years really helped me grow as a person. Search all Lake Travis Austin area homes.

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I specialize in a unique system that helps sellers get 5 - 15% more for their home than traditional real estate agents.  It's called the Maximum Value Home Selling System, and I've been using this system successfully for about one year.  The results have been phenomenal.  My listings are selling very quickly and for at least 6% above the average market price.  This makes my very reasonable commission well worth it to any seller.  There are only a handful of agents in the Austin area who are trained and licensed to use this system and even fewer who are actively implementing it and seeing positive results.  You may be thinking how this benefits buyers.  I sold my most recent listing myself, and even though it sold for about 15% above the average for the neighborhood, the buyer also got a great deal.  Here's why.  Since that time, houses have increased in value even more;  therefore, the buyer already has equity in this home.  Plus, by purchasing my listing, this buyer got a house that was completely inspected, repaired and ready for immediate move-in.  This is a rarity in the Austin market.  Well over 20% of the homes that buyers select for purchase do not pass inspection and never make it to closing.  This problem creates anxiety for buyers and frustration for sellers.  Hey, everyone is busy these days, and no one has time for surprises and delays.  The Maximum Value Home Selling System assures that the home is ready for move-in before it goes on the active market for buyers.  Yes, it's a huge time and money commitment on my part as the real estate agent, but I have found that investing time and money up front saves everyone headache and heartache during the sale.  Moving is a stressful enough process, and it's really up to me as the real estate expert to make sure that process goes smoothly.  As a professional, I'm willing to put in the extra effort to help my clients.