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Danny Gerald
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I am a buyers and sellers agent, representing Indianapolis and surrounding counties. I know what it is like when you're buying a home for the first time and you really don't know what steps to take first. I know what it is like to have a house on the market "for sale by owner" because you either don't have enough money to use an agent and walk away w/o having to owe money at closing, or you have had a bad experience with an agent in the past, or you don't feel the agent is worth the money for what little they do. That is the primary reason I became an agent. I love to work with first time home buyers especially, because I want to explain the entire process to them so it's easier for them to make educated decisions down the road. I love working with FSBO's because I have been there myself trying to list a couple of my own previous homes in the past before becoming an agent and learning some of the tricks of the trade. If you are looking for an agent that is willing to help you in buying or selling a home, then your search is now over.


It requires a lot of will and determination to be a homeowner selling a home. Patience plays a big part in it. Finding the right agent can take a lot of the stress off your shoulders. I have dealt with several agents before becoming one myself that said they were going to do this, and this, and this, and when after 6 months they said they could try this, and this, and this, when they should've been doing everything they could've done in the first place.

My strategies for selling every house is the same, because it works! Pricing the house right is key. Staging the property (not just the house) is very important. I mail out 300 mailings to neighbors immediately (if a great house is available close to you, wouldn't you tell someone close to you if they were looking). I post your home on at least 7 internet sites (Most people begin searching for homes on their computer). You are in at least 4 newspapers weekly until your home sells (hey, not everyone has a computer yet)! The property is published in at least 2 magazines. Did I mention that I could also put your house on 2 television shows! You will receive a FREE HOME WARRANTY for up to a year from me while your home is on the market. I do OPEN HOUSES and with each open house, I send out more mailings. And as a little extra, All Carpenter Realtors are enticed by a bonus if they find a buyer for your house. So if you're ready to SELL your home instead of just putting your home up for sell, then call, email, or check out my web page at 317-752-1678, dgerald@callcarpenter.com, and www.callcarpenter.com/dgerald


I reside in Greenfield (Hancock Co.) Indiana and I work all of central Indiana and surrounding counties. If you need an agent that is focused on making YOU the number one priority, look no further.