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Daniel Mulroy
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Get to Know Daniel Mulroy

I wear several hats

Firstly, I have a background in residential and commercial real estate management, specializing in condominium/strata management. I now advocate on behalf of Owners Associations against Property Management companies and fraudulent or corrupt management practices. My aim in this field is two-fold:


Educate condominium owners and of the ways in which professional management takes advantage (via corrupt practices) or jeopardizes their property (via negligent management). Promote fundamental change to the Management Industry as a whole, in order to achieve more effective management and consistent standards for managing real estate to eliminate fraud/negligence as a risk to owners, and to improve profitability in the Management Industry.


I believe greater profitability in the Management Industry is the only way to protect our real estate investments. Unfortunately legislation in most areas creates an industry with little to no barriers to entry, and enforces few credential requirements to manage what is, to most people, the biggest and most important investment. It is my most absolute conviction that condo corporations would benefit tremendously from an industry with higher standards, and financial crises would be far more rare than they are currently. Join my campaign!


Secondly, I am the founder of Condorenderings.com, a studio producing renderings of real estate projects for use in development and sales. Our unique business model makes it possible for us to achieve price-points that small developers or sales agencies can accommodate, without sacrificing any quality.

We can generate high-quality, three-dimensional images from any input source- from digital files to napkin sketches. We can model absolutely anything, and we boast the largest proprietary model library of anyone in the industry. 

Look for our new Realtor Rewards program (in development) which will essentially be a referral program for Realtors (cash rewards) for marketing agencies who recommend the services of Condorenderings.com to developers or other clients!


Please visit my company's website for more information.


My areas of expertise:

Real Estate management / development / investment

Real Estate marketing media and other marketing solutions

International team management



Images and other media for your real estate projects. International renderings studio serving clients large and small.