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My goal is to help real estate brokers and agents acheive success capturing and converting the online real estate buyer (e-leads).  There's too much talk about Internet marketing and online lead generation and not enough about what to do once you generate online leads.  I help real estate professionals start with the end in mind: learn how to first capture and convert the online buyer before putting anymore time and resources into online lead generation. 

My experience includes building and managing successful Internet lead management operations for two major brokerages.  I have been developing systems, processes and tools to capture and convert the online real estate customer for over seven years - practically an eternity in the online world.

Despite technology's advance, human beings remain at the heart of the real estate transaction.  The Internet is simply a tool to enable the business of building relationships and servicing customers.  But its the most important tool we've ever seen and it has utterly changed the role of the real estate agent.  Our ability to embrace and successfuly leverage it will make or break us in the future.


Success with e-leads begins with a thorough understanding of the online real estate customer; who they are, how they behave (and why), and of how they differ from the traditional real estate customer.  This knowledge enables real estate professionals to craft an effective approach, and to communicate with the Internet customer on their terms, in order to successfully capture their business.

With seven years experience and leadership in Internet lead management for residential real estate, I have thoroughly profiled the online real estate buyer and developed subject matter expertise.  With a strong customer focus and service ethic, I leverage the evolving Internet customer profile to raise awareness and help real estate agents and brokers successfully capture and convert e-leads. 

I have trained thousands of agents to help them understand the Internet customer and how to close online real estate leads.  I believe it is vital to put ever-changing technology into context for real estate professionals.

While 90% of all buyers use the Internet (at some point) in their home search, most are not ready to interact with an agent after viewing homes online; because they are typically new to or uneducated about the process and are at the very beginning of their home search (a process that can last 12 - 18 months, or longer). 

The potential awaiting us is staggering.  The online consumer demographic - Generations X and Y - number over 78 million.  There are more of them than there are Baby Boomers.  But they differ significantly from the Boomers (most real estate agents are Baby Boomers).

When the online real estate buyer does reach out to an agent, the demographic and technological differences can frustrate both agent and buyer alike.  With what amounts to parents talking to their children, building trust and rapport becomes an immense challenge.

I help real estate professionals overcome this challenge by helping them understand the online real estate customer and develop an approach that gets results.


I am a subject matter expert on the online real estate customer and Internet lead management. I train and advise real estate agents and brokers on how to successfully capture and convert e-leads.