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Get to Know Carmen Rosario

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Carmen I. Rosario and I am a licensed mortgage broker, offering my services in your area. HABLO ESPANOL! I take great pride in doing what I do best: providing people llike you with the finest service possible.

Here's the bottom line: Your happiness means my success! The process of obtaining a loan doesn't have to be a chore - my job is to do all of the work FOR you! Whether you're looking to refinance your home and receive a lower mortgage rate, obtain a new mortgage for a new home, or look into getting a second mortgage or home equity loan. I am here to help.

As your mortgage broker, I will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you achieve your goals. I hope that you will contact me today, so that we can get the mortgage process started - and thereby take the first steps toward reaching your dreams!

Call me today at (321) 960-0798, or  visit my website at

Regards,Carmen I. Rosario


I offer my services to absolutely everyone in all situations. However, I do enjoy a challenge. I love helping people with not so great credit and making their dreams become reality.


I am a full-service mortgage broker with access to any and every mortgage product that you could ever need. I work for YOU - obtaining the perfect loan for you is my primary goal!!