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Director of Marketing, Creative Guru, Social Media Maven!

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At Synergy Maven, we specialize in the Real Estate and Financial Services Marketing Space.


We Offer:


Trackable Results

Marketing is all about measurable results. We will work with you to set goals and create strategies to achieve them. Our road map to success includes a plan to measure milestones.

Increased Adoption

Spending money on marketing systems that your team doesn't use? Let us bridge that gap. We can increase adoption of your systems by internal sales people. Making use of your investment to grow your business and theirs.

Agency & Creative Stuff

YES! We do all the agency and creative stuff too. From graphic design, websites, copy, blogging, video production, campaign management and presentations, to more complex creative planning, we have the talent on tap.

Social Media Management

Whether you have an in-house team or not, we can help you keep on the cutting edge of the new frontier with Social Media strategy and planning that will increase your pull-through while keeping compliance in mind.

Vendor Selection

Seeking the right vendor to fill a piece of your marketing puzzle? We keep a running comparative of features and benefits for top industry vendors. We’ve worked with all of them and can make a recommendation based on your specific needs.

The Right Team

Knowing when to insource and when to outsource is a tough call. When you are seeking to add to your internal team, we can help there too. Let us source and create or enhance your team from the inside or the outside. We know the drill.

Conferences & Events

We are experts in running conferences, events and meetings of all sizes from finding the venues to running the conference website and registration, to getting the "buy in" from your people through internal marketing campaigns.


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