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Dan Alman
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I am the founder of, a great way for people to find a real estate agent. I would be very appreciative of any thoughts, comments, or suggestions you might have for me about the site.


It's simple. I think that real estate industry is fighting a losing battle against the gusting winds of technological change. I've run into many people in the real estate business who see competition as evil, and who see a virtual monopoly on their customers and their local territory as almost an inalienable right that they get along with their real estate license.

This really smacks of old world thinking. The internet will eventually make information about agent pay, success rate, reputation, etc. all easily available for customers. Naturally people are a little worried about the effect this will have on their business, but I think the good Realtors - the ones who work hard to represent their clients in the best possible way - have nothing to be afraid of.

In fact, I believe that the more information is out there for consumers, the more the good agents will benefit. To this end, I've created a market for real estate agents to gain clients based on reputation, the real estate client's needs, commission structure, marketing plan, etc.

The vision is a true market for real estate service. I hope some of you will join me in making this a reality.


My expertise is in delivering value to real estate agents through high quality leads, that have not been over-sold. I advertise seekingagents in many ways that traditional "lead generation" services do not. This way, you get fresh high-quality leads that aren't the same as the ones everyone else is after.