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Finding Hard Money Lenders in California has its challenges. A time saving key would be to ask the question, are you a direct hard money lender? If not, you are working with a broker who may or may not  know a sufficient amount of Hard Money Lendersto shop your loan to. You need that variety of individual investors. to have a successful close. You may also be  adding costs by paying more than one broker. If it is taking more than 3-4 days to get a commitment, you are most likely barking up the wrong money tree. If they are more interested in your credit and income documents, verses your property, you may not be at the right place either.

A private investor will drive the property within a few days if interested, and usually is a sophisticated hard money lender, knowledgeable in real estate values. A private money lender is represented by a Broker, who handles the loan process for him. Appraisals are usually not required in this market by our investors. You certainly do not need to pay up front fees, except if an appraisal is requested. Hope that helps.

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About your Loan Officer. Life is a game and I like to live it full steam! I am an artist of many media. I love to travel, snorkel. I love to help others and see them succeed. I attract money and lend it out thru my loan business Loan Solution Inc. I also donate to specific productive groups. I don't care to amass money or things. I think a person's value is measured by  his ability to help others and make things better in life. Smile and pass on the goodwill. You will soon have a reason to smile.



 We like to help you with Hard Money Loans, specializing in So. Calif. We like to keep things simple. Strive to eliminate the red tape. We offer ho. Honest and friendly service. Common sense underwriting, Hard Money loans. We can close equity loans, fast.  If the LTV is right, we will have one of our  private money investors driving the property the next day. We do not usually need appraisals for our hard money loans. We are very accurate  in evaluating values and can therefore give you a quick answer as to our ability to fund your  loan request.

We have many different hard money lenders/individual investors. We know what they will fund. Our area is mainly Hard Money in So. Calif. We do have some investors in N.Calif. Residential and Commercial hard money loans.  Purchase/Cash out/Refi./Rehab. Genuine Hard Money- Before  1980's Wall Street Takeover. We look at the equity in the property, no Fico scores and stated income. Sorry, no Owner Occupied Homes.

Brokers are welcome; we service you for your hard money loans-cash out,rehab and purchase money loans. We can be very creative. We are direct hard money lenders. We do not broker out our loans. Reasonable terms offered.

Any questions or help needed? Call Colleen Bigler 661-251-9075  Or Email me


I like to get things done, simply, and fast. I will provided you with honest, friendly service. Knowledgeable in RE Finance. Direct hard money lender since 93'. Fast decisions made by one person.