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Coach KC™ is a Marketing, Productivity, Business Development, and Revenue Growth Coach. He is the thought-leader for Prosperitor LLC, dba Secured Futures and the creative mind behind The DREAM Advantage™SYSTEM is an acronym for The Dynamic Readily Evolving Active Marketing Advantage Saving You Serious Time, Effort, Money, a comprehensive marketing, productivity, revenue, and development platform designed for independent RBOs (Residential Brokerage Owners) and independent Agents. 

Coach KC is an 18-year veteran that served on active duty in the US Air Force for over 14 years and 4 years in the NY Air National Guard. He is also a former licensed Insurance & Financial Services Registered Representative with many years of sales experience, and former Management Engineering Analyst (also known as an "Efficiency or Productivity Expert").

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  • Independent Residential Real Estate Brokerage Owners (RBOs)
  • Independent Residential Agents
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