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Get to Know Craig Newchurch

Life started out for me in New Orleans, La. What an exciting city to grow up in! In 1992 I moved to Denver, Co., and began to grow an interest in Real Estate. Due to Hurricane Katrina, I found myself in Myrtle Beach, SC. Upon Mother Nature handing me the most extreme of life changes, I decided to take my Real Estate hobby to the next level and got licensed. In all honesty through hindsight, I should have started buying instead of watching. Since then I have followed the Denver, New Orleans, and definately the Myrtle Beach Market.

Since arriving in Myrtle Beach I have learned so much and helped Buyers and Sellers alike. It is definately a roller coaster of a career but I love it. My passion to be "on-top" of current market conditions and trends sets me at a level above most other Realtor's. I took my first 6 months here to learn all I could about my new home. I studied purchase historicals, growth trends, county records, zoning codes, and County/State road development plans as well. I believe that you can not sell Real Estate without having an intimate knowledge of where you are successfully. If you are not aware of all these factors you become nothing more than an "order-taker".

Given the reality that I now have many friends and associates scattered across the USA since Katrina, I have spent a lot of my time attempting to cultivate my referral business. I have had much success and I know it will only grow. Honestly, referrals are more comfortable because there is a connection already present if it comes from a friend, past client, or former associate.

My goals are simply:

Go above and beyond expectations my clients Provide excellent negotiating for ALL Display options to buyers Offer local knowledge

I look forward to my coming years in selling Real Estate. Feel free to view my website and maybe even give me a call!

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Hmm, where do I begin. I feel that my expertise lies within Horry County, SC. We are a TRI county association. Northern parts of Georgetown are right in my area as well.

Primarily I focus on land transactions from lots for builders to massive amounts of acreage. My knowledge of this vast area was gained from tinkering around town and meeting farmers so to speak. For over a year now I have had an awesome inventory of land available to sell that the owners will not list conventionally. It is harder to do business that way, but it is something. Besides, who knows when they might change their mind?

In the last 8 months I have been dealing more with home buyers. I love it! Only one first timer so far but I must say that it was a pleasure. My market also host's the 2nd home buyer and I have been pushing myself into those buyers faces as well. I am always servicing my people in one form or another and I believe that they see that and that is why so soon I am seeing business referred through clients.

My specialty.....Relationships! Get all your info on Real Estate in my area here!


Hard working Realtor with 2 years under my belt. Last year, my first full year in RE, I ranked in the top 18.9% of my association of over 4000 Realtors.